Thursday, April 27, 2017

mads maybe ultimate netflix list

My top favorites on Netflix - updated April 2017

TV Series

The Carrie Diaries // One of my all-time favorite shows on Netflix, the prequel to Sex and the City is a must watch for every girl, even if you've never seen SATC. High school Carrie is so inspirational from her clothes to her NYC job. Plus, Austin Butler.

Reign // I'm obsessed with Reign. The storyline is always intriguing and they honestly have the best music for any TV show in my opinion. You'll definitely fall in love with Francis and there's a 99.9% chance you'll cry at some point during the series and it's so worth it. 

Gossip Girl // I'm not sure if I've ever encountered someone who didn't love Gossip Girl. Blair and Chuck are arguably relationship goals and there is an endless supply of drama to go around. I definitely think this series gets better in the last few seasons so be sure to stick around.

Gilmore Girls // I just watched the full series of Gilmore Girls and it was so good! It's different from other shows in a good way - it has a very peaceful and happy vibe. I love the length of this series because you follow the characters through such a big part of their lives. #TeamLogan

Switched at Birth // I used to watch when it first came out and was on ABC Family but somehow I got so far behind, I stopped watching. I recently started watching from the beginning on Netflix because it's a good drama and actually keeps things pretty realistic (so far) unlike *some* shows on the network.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt // I'd be lying if I said Titus wasn't my favorite part of this show. I'm actually hoping for a spin-off starring Titus with no Kimmy. It's a funny show though and worth watching because it's unique and current.

13 Reasons Why // Although this show is controversial, I enjoyed it. I was always on the edge of my seat and it's eye-opening for sure. It's very short - just 13 episodes! - and I'm not sure if another season is in the works. If you want something deep, this is it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

5 things to do at the end of the semester

The end of the semester is always an exciting time, but it's also very busy and stressful with finals and everything you need to get done. You want to make sure you plan your last few weeks so that you don't forget to do anything important - like return textbooks that you rented! I've created a list of five important things you need to do at the end of each semester that are often overlooked or forgotten by students, based on my experiences in college.

Before finals:

Calculate the final exam grade you need

Spend some time putting your grades into the ConquerCollege Amazing Grade calculator and find out what grade you need on the final to get an A or B in the class. You can also look at the grade you need for an A or an A+. This helps me manage my stress because I can see that I'll definitely pass the class and get an idea for how well I have to do for the grade I want. It doesn't change anything but it's so nice to know.

Double check next semester's schedule

No one really wants to think about the next semester when you're finally getting a break but it's important to make sure your classes and credits are right so you're graduating on time. Take a little extra time now to check those and save yourself a lot of stress and worry of having to fix something during the first week of the semester when classes have already started. This is especially useful if you end up needing to meet with your advisor before break, they're easier to talk with while you're both still on campus.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

mads maybe meets classy cathleen

One of the blogs I've followed and looked up to since I started blogging is Classy Cathleen by Cathleen Slagle. In the past, I've participated in blog linkups and Twitter chats with her. Knowing that she lived just a state away in South Carolina made me feel like I knew her on a more personal level and fortunately, after a few years of following each other's blog + social media, we were able to meet!

While she was spending her spring break with her family at Myrtle Beach, my family came down to Myrtle for Easter weekend. Our schedules aligned so that we were both available on Friday so of course, we made plans to meet up.

Since Cathleen usually stays on the south end, I definitely wanted to show her around my area in North Myrtle. We went for a walk to the park and around the cute shops on Main Street. Thanks to a couple of Instagramming girls, we found this photogenic blue wall and had an impromptu photoshoot (after the first set of photographers had left!).

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

10 inspiring Instagram accounts

Let's talk about Instagram! I'm obsessed with so many accounts - some I follow and some I just stalk on occasion. Today, I'm sharing my top 10 favorite accounts that I find really visually appealing, inspiring, and fun. I'm giving a preview but I highly recommend checking out all of these pages in full because there's so much inspiring content that just couldn't fit in a screenshot.

Danielle Carolan - @daniellecarolan

I couldn't make this list and not put the queen on it. You may know Danielle from YouTube where she shares great videos but she also has an amazing Instagram account. She features the best clothes, locations, and photo styling in really high quality images. Danielle is a huge inspiration for me and I love seeing her posts.

Lauren Bullen - @gypsea_lust

Major travel envy alert. Lauren is exploring the world with her boyfriend and getting the most unique and professional photos along the way. She visits beautiful locations and has insane experiences - like swimming with a whale shark, scroll back to February to see for yourself. Sometimes I feel like I'm living through Lauren's Instagram to travel the globe.

Jenna Rae + Ashley Nicole - @jennaraecakes

This is an account I recently found on the explore page. It's run by twin sisters who own a bakery and combine their sweet treats with creative photo styling to curate an inspiring page. I love the light colors used in their theme and their cakes and snacks always look delicious. Look no further if your feed is in need of macaroons, unicorn popcorn, and cupcakes galore.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

DIY: bachelorette gift bags

As the maid of honor, I hosted the bachelorette weekend for my sister. I had seen a lot of bachelorette party photos where the attendees got gift bags as party favors as a thanks for coming, plus they include supplies they might need for the bachelorette event or upcoming wedding. What I didn't often see in the pictures was what was in the bags.

My mom and I came up with some ideas of our own for our gift bags (which can be seen in the video in this post) so I wanted to share our ideas with you guys in case you're ever in need of inspiration for fun bachelorette gift bags. Everything is very inexpensive as well!

We had the bags out with our decor and labeled when everyone arrived so that when we were all together, we could open them up all at once. Yes, my mom and I each had a bag for ourselves too because why not.

The first thing we included was a tee shirt that we made with iron-on vinyl lettering that said bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and aunt of the bride -- which will depend on who all is going to your event. For people who don't necessarily have a title, you could do a cute phrase like "bride tribe" or "bride squad" on their shirts. These are a good gift if you have an event during your trip/outing that you can all wear the shirts to and then you can wear them again for other wedding events.