prepare to be mooned: solar eclipse guide

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it - because the solar eclipse is THIS Monday, August 21! I've literally had the date written in my Notes app since New Years. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, depending on where you live + whether you'll travel for future eclipses. I don't want to miss it and if you're living along the path, you shouldn't either!

This week, there's been tons of content out about the eclipse and I've learned a lot of interesting information and good-to-know tidbits so, of course, I wanted to share all that I've discovered about the eclipse and some fun ideas of my own in this 2017 solar eclipse guide!

how to prepare for college applications during high school

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

If you're starting high school this year, a sophomore, or even a junior, it's important to think about jumping into activities that will help you out a lot when senior year rolls around and you start working on college applications just a month or two into the school year. Keeping college applications in mind (especially in 9th grade!) may seem like cause for some stress and anxiety. It definitely doesn't have to be like that - it's rarely like that for everyone - and you can have tons of fun in high school and still be completely prepared for those applications!

The well-rounded individual

This sounds generic but college admissions look for well-rounded individuals to come to their school. I translate this into: don't put all your eggs in one basket. Get involved in several different areas at school and in your community so that you can nail any essay topic and show that you have great time management and can handle multiple things at once. They're looking for leadership, commitment, innovation, and passion.

There are so many fun ways you can get involved in extracurriculars, here are just a few:


Join a few different clubs your freshman year and decide which ones you love and want to stick with throughout the rest of high school. It's important to participate in a couple of clubs for all four years because that shows consistency and commitment. Make sure you're running for leadership positions your junior and senior year. 

Do's and Don'ts to Start College Strong

Thursday, August 10, 2017

That awkward moment when you don't graduate the same year as your freshman class

Going back to school in the fall was always a challenge for me. I got so nervous every year because I hadn't done college in so many months, I forgot what it was like. Getting the syllabus a few days before classes started terrified me because every single class seemed impossibly hard based on those few pages. It's overwhelming to see five months of work on day zero. 

Over the years, the first day of school got easier and wasn't so daunting because I figured out how to conquer it and what to expect. The first day still made me nervous, but I felt more confident and prepared when I knew what I was doing so I'm sharing a few tips to make the first day easier for you and help you start the school year off strong. 

Do map your classes out in advance.

If you're on campus, take a walk to all of the buildings you'll have class in and get a feel for the best paths to take. If you commute, pull up a map online and get a good understanding of where your classes are and how you can get to them. Research the bus routes and download the bus app if your school has one. Definitely show up early to each class on the first day so you can find the room. 

Don't order your textbooks in advance.

This is super risky and I questioned myself every single semester, but wait until you've been to one class before you order your books. There's almost always a copy on reserve in the library that you can use if you do need the book right away but that's unlikely. You should wait until you're positive you're staying in the class and that the book is actually necessary. A lot of times it says required, but you don't actually need it. Don't automatically buy your books from the bookstore either, look for better prices online.

5 days to a better instagram

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oh, Instagram. What was once such a fun, social app has become a nightmare for most. With shadow-banning, the infamous follow/unfollow method, the awful photo quality reduction happening lately, and who could forget our favorite feed algorithm, the app is becoming less and less of a positive place.

Let's face it, most of us can't just delete Instagram despite all these recent problems because those followers are truly important to us, the app is the best method for displaying visual content at the moment, and most opportunities require an Instagram account. Fortunately, I have some tips that can help you grow your Instagram in just 5 days without any e-courses or payment (unfortunately for me (jk)).

Know before diving in that this is kind of a commitment and growing your Instagram requires a lot of effort that I rarely have. I did, however, put my own tips to good use for a few short weeks at the beginning of summer and that's why I'm qualified to write this post because I figured out what worked, even if it was small scale. Also know that many of the followers you gain in this endeavor will ultimately be lost because of that pesky follow/unfollow, but the overlap will almost always be positive.

So let's get started!

easy back to school breakfast

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

With school starting back for a lot of people this month, I wanted to share a quick, simple breakfast I've fallen in love with. I don't know about y'all but when I was in school, I woke up as late as possible, did the bare minimum to get ready, and left the house maybe 15 minutes after my alarm had gone off.

This easy breakfast is so quick to make, so delicious, and much higher quality than a granola bar to go. You can get in the habit of making it before school and spend literally 10 minutes putting it together and eating it. So quick there's no excuse for not eating breakfast and it's healthy!

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