Dress Your Desk

Thursday, August 20, 2015

As part of the Bloggers Back to School Linkup, today I'm showing off my desk! It's not much at the moment, but I have big plans for the future! I love looking at organized desks on Pinterest and Tumblr so one day I'm going to put all of that inspiration to good use. For now, my desk is mostly just a great storage area that has the potential to look decent if it's not completely covered in miscellaneous stuff.

I have lots of my favorite things on my bulletin board because I love seeing them everyday and they're a great source of inspiration. All of the buttons I've gotten during my birthday trips to Disney World, Jonas Brothers concert tickets and stickers, and my name tag from when I toured Duke all have their own unique spot. I love that guests can see these things immediately when they walk in my room and know the most important things about my personality and interests.

I have tons and tons of random stuff that I use frequently but don't really know where to put so I think it's really important to have storage containers on your desk for the little things that need a more defined home. I have this amazing clear sectioned organizer from Pottery Barn Teen that is great for my markers, pens, scissors, and even nail files and perfume bottles! It really helps to keep my desk from being cluttered.

Like most bloggers, I have wayyy too many little notebooks lying around everywhere so I try to keep my favorites or most used notebooks in a small stack on my desk, but I keep the rest in a drawer. It's important for me that I don't have too many out, otherwise it gets messy so I tend to stick to around 3 notebooks on my desk, stacked in a corner. Front and center in this picture is my agenda because I had it out the day I took these pictures, but we all know that it travels so you can keep the work section of your desk empty when you're taking it with you and that really leaves your workspace looking clear and organized.

I keep my Maleficent mug and a small stack of books on my desk even though they're not particularly useful at all times because I like how it looks. I love my Maleficent mug so I want it to have a prominent place in my room. These are also the books I've been reading this summer - some of the Shopaholic series and the UChic Girl's Guide to College - but as I transition into reading new ones, they'll probably replace this stack and they'll find their way back to the bookshelf. The items on my desk are ever changing with my life.

This picture is a pretty good overview of how everything looks together. Like I said, not exactly my dream desk but very functional for me as a college student. I'm not the type that likes working at a desk anyways, so mine is mostly for looks and organization right now. It's a great place to conveniently keep all of my work supplies.

What does every great desk need?

Here's my list:

1. Notebooks for all of your ideas

2. Post-It Notes! 

3. Your agenda (when you're home)

4. Pens & Other Small Necessities (like paperclips!)

5. Inspiration! - anything that makes you happy and productive

How do you guys dress your desk? Is style or function more important to you?

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