Tuesday, November 1, 2016

how to get the most out of fitbit

Y'all. I have been using my Fitbit for months and I just now realized how many features I was missing out on. I was using my band to count my steps and maybe check my sleep every now and then until recently when I took the time to explore the features. There is so much more you can do within the Fitbit app and you should definitely be utilizing it!

Track your water intake.

This is so important! I thought I was doing so good on drinking water because I had a nice big bottle I  would drink from everyday. As soon as I started tracking my intake I learned that I should be drinking about 4 of those nice big bottles everyday. Needless to say, I was shocked.

It's so simple to add your water in the app though. There are 3 preset size options you just have to tap to add or you can specify the amount of water in milliliters that you want to add and your recommended amount is already set based on the stats you provided the app. I'm excited to get in the habit of doing this.

Track your workouts.

In a recent update, many band styles now have the ability to determine what type of exercise you're doing and for how long. Mine notices the activity after I've done at least 15 minutes (on the elliptical, walking, sports, etc.) and logs it so I can keep track. I didn't realize this was something I needed until I had it. The app lets me know when I've exercised 2/5 days which motivates me to work harder and reach my goal.

Maintain your calorie intake.

There are so many apps for keeping food logs and counting calories but you can do all of this within the Fitbit app. It's almost too easy to search for what you've eaten and add it to your meals for the day. Because your band is keeping track of how many calories you've burned, it adjusts your calories remaining for the day to reflect that, which I love.

Challenge your friends.

I don't think people realize how serious a Fitbit challenge can get until they complete one. My family is constantly doing a challenge because we're encouraged to get up and move so we can pass each other in the rankings. The app notifies you when someone is getting close to your step number so you're frequently being reminded you need to walk.

Improve your sleep.

I definitely didn't know sleep was a problem for me until I started checking my hours on the app. While my goal is eight hours, my average is six. During the school year it's especially important to me to adjust my schedule so that I'm able to get those eight hours. Sometimes seeing how much you actually sleep can be a reality check.

Set goals.

For almost every section in the app, you have the opportunity to set a goal. As you start reaching your preset goals regularly, you can adjust the numbers to challenge yourself to do better. When I start hitting 10,000 steps daily, I'm going to push my goal to 15,000 so that I'm motivated to work harder. 

- - - - - - -

I love Fitbit for so many reasons, one being that their customer support is excellent, and I think it has been a great investment for me. Everything is so simple, especially because the band automatically tracks most of your stats without you having to do any work. 

As you can see, Fitbit is so much more than a step counter. I had a lot of fun exploring the app and its features and I hope using them will lead to healthy changes in my life. 

What's your favorite Fitbit feature?