Sunday, November 6, 2016

sunday scrolls

| my favorite posts from around the web this week |

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10 college majors that can lead to million-dollar earnings

my hanger is a serious problem so these charts are too relatable

class cancelled? here's what you should do instead

remember the clueless cookie dough log? you need to pull a Cher

Michelle's ways to overcome test anxiety are great for upcoming finals

how Kayla uses her day designer for college

important: which fast food chain gives you the most fries?

staying connected with friends in the digital age (especially at different colleges!)

the story behind thomas rhett's song "die a happy man"

it's the 15th anniversary of Monsters Inc! do you remember?

the 2016 list of Oprah's favorite things

first look at the new season of Nashville

wouldn't you rather be described as something other than pretty?

looking at colleges? check out the Seventeen Instagram college tour

the most adorable foodie on Instagram

these netflix movies are perfect for a cozy night in... I'm adding them to my watch list!

you might be obsessed with Chickfila if...

get a jump start on these 10 DIY gifts for the holiday season

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