Gifts Under $25 for Your BFF

Saturday, December 3, 2016

As Aly & AJ once said, it's the greatest time of year! I'm so excited for the holidays and I can't wait to start getting gifts for my family and friends. This year, I'm NOT waiting until December 23rd like I always do. I want to give myself plenty of time to get thoughtful, high quality gifts for everyone on my list.

In this gift guide, I wanted to share some ideas I've had for gifts that would be perfect for best friends or sisters. Each item on this list is under $25 because I know most of us are on a college student budget and are buying for several people, but every item is unique and I'm positive your friends will be very happy to receive them! 

(None of these items are sponsored in any way, opinions are 100% my own.)

Arthur George socks

Arthur George is Rob Kardashian's brand so these are great for friends who are big Kardashian fans. They're a lot of fun - they come in a variety of bright colors with many different phrases so you can pick the perfect pair for your bff. Plus, who doesn't love getting socks?! At $15 a pair, these socks are a wonderful gift. They can be purchased through Rob's website or at DASH.

Sugarfina Rosé All Day Bears

I haven't tried the world famous gummy bears from Sugarfina yet but I would love to! These sweet treats are so cute and, because of their exclusivity, have had waiting lists for months. Right now, they're in stock so be sure to pick some up for your sweet friends this Christmas and you should probably grab an extra box for yourself, too. Order these online at Sugarfina or stop by one of their stores for an $8.50 box.

Red Bubble small stickers

I just purchased my own Red Bubble stickers this past weekend! I ordered six small ones for my laptop and I'm in love. There are SO many adorable options for every personality and interest. The best part is, when you order six or more small stickers, they're 50% off. You could order several gifts at once and almost every sticker I got was around $1.20 so they're very affordable. 

RedLipCollective Luke's Diner Pin

I might have Gilmore Girls fever due to the coming release of A Year in the Life, but I know a lot of girls have been die-hard fans for a while. If your best friend is a Gilmore Girls fanatic, they would love this Luke's Diner pin created by a fellow blogger, Jess of Writing in Red Lipstick. For $7.50, your bestie can rock this on her jacket, shirt, or bag! You can buy the pin on Etsy.

Belk Holiday Leggings

These holiday leggings from Belk are so soft and come in lots of fun patterns, plus they're already packaged as a gift! Everyone loves a good pair of leggings and they're even better with some holiday spirit mixed in. This is another gift that you probably want to get for yourself as well, especially because they're just $6.95! Check out the 15+ prints online or at your local Belk.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss

My best friend got me a Kylie lip gloss for my birthday and I loved it! I would much rather wear a gloss than go through the lip kit process and the gloss provides a more subtle look. My gloss is from Kylie's birthday collection which is no longer available through her website, but if I were getting one now it would be KOKO K. At $15 each, you can give your best friend a piece of this highly sought-after cosmetics line without breaking the bank. Browse the shades and order through the Kylie Cosmetics website.

American Eagle Merry iPhone Charger

While I'm not sure how practical this phone charger would be, it's definitely cute and worthy of being gifted. It brings the unique factor for sure. If your best friend is extra festive and loves the holidays, this might be the perfect gift for her! They also have Android chargers and solid white lights for the same price. You can find this charger at American Eagle for $9.95.

BigMouth, Inc. Snow Tube

Since crazy big pool floats were all the rage this summer, it only makes sense that snow tubes will now come in the form of gigantic everyday items. If you get a lot of snow, this could be a really fun gift. Think of the Instagrams. You can search around and find several varieties including a polar bear and gingerbread man but the best value I found was the peppermint. It's currently $19.99 at Target.

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