Maid of Honor Diaries: Pantry Shower

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wedding update! This weekend, my sister had her first bridal shower hosted by my great aunt and grandma. It was a pantry shower (hence the apron and utensil corsage) so the gifts were mostly kitchen themed and ingredients for the guest's favorite recipe. We requested on the invitations that the guests bring a recipe with a special note for the bride instead of a card through a cute poem found on Pinterest. So thankful for Pinterest throughout the wedding process.

If you're wondering, my recipe was a classic spaghetti (a.k.a boil noodles and add Ragu) but there was a big variety from desserts to dinners and my sister now has plenty of special recipes from loved ones.

You probably know it's not a party unless I'm hosting games so we played both a purse scavenger hunt and "who knows the bride best?" with small prizes. It was so funny seeing what some people had in their purse wanting to know how many points it was worth. You can find a score sheet on Google or Pinterest by searching for purse scavenger hunt or create your own!

For Who Knows the Bride Best? I passed around pens and paper and called out the questions. The questions I used are pictured below.

list of questions about the bride

My great aunt got this cute recipe book so every time my sister opened a gift and got a recipe card, my cousin would file it away into the proper section while I was quickly trying to write down everything that each person had given her. A maid of honor's work is never done.

One of the recipes she received was for blueberry and pineapple cobbler so along with the recipe card, she was given a baking dish and ingredients for making the cobbler. Her pantry is well-stocked now and I can't wait to see how many recipes she successfully makes.

Our party favor was a packet of custom m&ms that said "Jon and Jordan" - super cute + super yum! What a special way to remember the occasion. I'm so proud of my great aunt for thinking of that cute idea!

This was definitely a shower to remember and my sister was able to get so many useful things for married life. One shower down, two to go and I'm hoping the next ones will be just as fun!

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