DIY: Bachelorette Gift Bags

Thursday, March 23, 2017

As the maid of honor, I hosted the bachelorette weekend for my sister. I had seen a lot of bachelorette party photos where the attendees got gift bags as party favors as a thanks for coming, plus they include supplies they might need for the bachelorette event or upcoming wedding. What I didn't often see in the pictures was what was in the bags.

My mom and I came up with some ideas of our own for our gift bags (which can be seen in the video in this post) so I wanted to share our ideas with you guys in case you're ever in need of inspiration for fun bachelorette gift bags. Everything is very inexpensive as well!

We had the bags out with our decor and labeled when everyone arrived so that when we were all together, we could open them up all at once. Yes, my mom and I each had a bag for ourselves too because why not.

The first thing we included was a tee shirt that we made with iron-on vinyl lettering that said bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and aunt of the bride -- which will depend on who all is going to your event. For people who don't necessarily have a title, you could do a cute phrase like "bride tribe" or "bride squad" on their shirts. These are a good gift if you have an event during your trip/outing that you can all wear the shirts to and then you can wear them again for other wedding events.

Cost: If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine, you can cut the vinyl yourself but we ordered our letters from a local seller to save time for $5 per set and then got tank tops for $1 at Walmart or less than $4 for some different styles and tees for the moms.

The next things we included were cute little candy jars filled with Hershey kisses. These are just a fun sweet treat that the girls can display in their houses later and a snack with the candy throughout the weekend.

Cost: The jars were $1 each from Dollar Tree and can be decorated with paint that you already have for a personalized look. The packs of Hershey kisses that we split amongst the jars came in traditional silver and blue, also from the Dollar Tree for $1 per pack, and we used about 6 packs.

Our final part of the gift bag was a 5x7 frame with artwork. We didn't have a super strict theme for our weekend but we were at the beach so we loosely focused on flamingos. My mom found this cute free flamingo printable from Craftberry Bush so we printed out 5x7 copies of those and put them in a frame. This is another thing the girls can decorate with and always remember our fun weekend when they see it.

Cost: $1 frame from the Dollar Tree - optional recolor with spray paint you already have (we spray painted ours gold!) - and print art from home or get printed copies from an office supply store for less than $5 for 8-10

Finally, we used brown handled bags which can be purchased from the Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby in packs for larger sizes, tissue paper from the Dollar Tree, and bridesmaid + maid of honor tags I found at Marshall's for less than $5. We had to improvise a little and made some cuts and written additions on some tags to create bride, mother of the bride, and aunt of the bride but we made it work.

I know this may seem like a sponsored Dollar Tree post but it's definitely not - they just have so many cute things for such cheap prices! I don't know how there are people who don't love that place!

These are just a few ideas that really worked with our group + theme but you can definitely adjust them to make them fit for your event and add to them as you like. My biggest suggestion is being innovative and using things you already have to enhance cheaper items to make them one of a kind.

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