Maid of Honor Diaries: Monograms & Margaritas

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Round two of bridal showers had a monograms & margaritas theme and was hosted by the bridesmaids. We provided the margaritas and guests were encouraged to bring gifts with the bride's new monogram on them. We had a lot of good food, friends, and fun.

All of the bridesmaids brought a variety of food and it all looked and tasted so good I'm sharing several pictures with y'all - I couldn't pick just one!

We had a wide variety of food including quesadillas, heart shaped sandwiches, pasta salad, chicken salad, cupcakes, and chocolate pie. It was all so good! Along with the food, we had a margarita station with different flavors and fruit add-ins. 

Being one of two under 21, I didn't drink of course - although we did have non-alcoholic margaritas that I sampled. I can just say the margaritas looked good and seemed to be a big hit with the older girls! 

The games we played at this shower included Guess the Disney Love Song in teams, a What's on Your Phone scavenger hunt (another Pinterest find), and a panty game that one of the bridesmaids planned. 

The invitation requested that each guest bring a pair of panties in the bride's size that represented the guest's personality and the bride had to guess who brought what. My sister was not very good at guessing in this game but it was funny and she has about 15 new pairs of panties so it was a win-win. 

I think a monogram themed bridal shower is a must for new brides since your monogram is changing and you could really use an updated version of pretty much everything. Everything my sister got was so cute and really useful and there were no issues of already having something. Some of the gifts she received were hats, a hoodie, coasters, and glasses. 

My mom, of course, curated a mega-gift that included a bag, pillow, garden flag, and other essentials. It even had toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and monogrammed toothbrush holders!

Our favors were succulents in personalized tiny pots that were SO CUTE! I painted the first initial of each guest who had sent an RSVP on the pots and took a few blank ones in case the list I had differed from the actual guests showing up.

My mom snapped this picture of me working on the favors at 11 pm the night before the party.

One of the other bridesmaids ordered the succulents on Amazon and I got the flower pots 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree plus a pack of sticks and used paint and paper I already had for the signs and personalization. The plants aren't the most inexpensive favor but they're so cute and memorable that it's worth spending a little extra! 

The monograms and margaritas shower was lots of fun! I loved seeing all of the ideas and contributions of the bridesmaids come together to create a great party for my sister and her friends. This is a theme I would highly recommend and the favors are perfect for any wedding event! 

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