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Thursday, April 27, 2017

My top favorites on Netflix - updated July 2017

TV Series

Reign // I'm obsessed with Reign. The storyline is always intriguing and they honestly have the best music for any TV show in my opinion. You'll definitely fall in love with Francis and there's a 99.9% chance you'll cry at some point during the series and it's so worth it. 

The Carrie Diaries // One of my all-time favorite shows on Netflix, the prequel to Sex and the City is a must watch for every girl, even if you've never seen SATC. High school Carrie is so inspirational from her clothes to her NYC job. Plus, Austin Butler.

Gossip Girl // I'm not sure if I've ever encountered someone who didn't love Gossip Girl. Blair and Chuck are arguably relationship goals and there is an endless supply of drama to go around. I definitely think this series gets better in the last few seasons so be sure to stick around.

Riverdale // I was so surprised by how much I liked this show. It's the perfect murder mystery and so binge-worthy, I couldn't stop watching. Block off 13 hours of your day to watch the series and don't worry, questions will be answered! Hopefully the second season will not disappoint. 

Gilmore Girls // I just watched the full series of Gilmore Girls and it was so good! It's different from other shows in a good way - it has a very peaceful and happy vibe. I love the length of this series because you follow the characters through such a big part of their lives. #TeamLogan

Switched at Birth // I love a good drama that actually keeps things pretty realistic. Unlike *some* shows on the network. I did notice towards the end of the series that it was trying to touch on every possible societal/controversial topic, which sometimes became quite a stretch, but overall it's great.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt // Two words: Titus and Lemonade. I'd be lying if I said Titus wasn't my favorite part of this show. I'm actually hoping for a spin-off starring him with no Kimmy. It's a funny show and I like that it's unique and current.

13 Reasons Why // Although this show is controversial, I enjoyed it. I was always on the edge of my seat and it's eye-opening for sure. It's very short - just 13 episodes! - and I'm not sure if another season is in the works. If you want something deep, this is it.


The Lizzie McGuire Movie // One of the only movies still on Netflix that never gets old to me. First off, who doesn't love Lizzie and the original Bitmoji? But the best part is definitely What Dreams Are Made Of and I would watch the whole movie just for that. 

Fan Girl // Fan Girl is about a girl obsessed with All Time Low and, while that isn't my band of choice, I can relate. It's fun to watch her journey take place, especially if you've ever been obsessed with a boy band (yes, Jonas Brothers) and always dreamed of running into them.

Twilight // Don't judge! I thought Twilight wasn't a very good movie when it first came out even though I loved the books, but I recently watched it again on a whim and it was pleasant. I'm just annoyed Netflix doesn't stream the other 3 movies!

Can't Buy Me Love // This movie is worth watching just to laugh about a young Patrick Dempsey, but it turns out to have a good storyline with ups and downs. It's so interesting to see how different teenagers were in the 1980s and the ones in this movie certainly are different.

13 Going On 30 // Are there people who don't love 13 Going On 30? I don't think so. It's really funny and a cute love story. I always associate the movie with the Thriller dance, a pretty iconic scene. Definitely a girls' night movie.

The Giver // Honestly The Giver is a little weird but I like it because it's not my typical movie. The setting sort of reminded me of Hunger Games because it's basically a different world and although there are quite a few slow moments, there is some exciting action towards the end.

Disney's Heavyweights // What a movie! Even though this movie is made for kids and is a little silly, it's actually pretty funny and something to watch when you want light and humorous. Ben Stiller plays the "villain" and Kenan Thompson has a supporting role.

Starstruck // Starstruck is pretty high up on my list of favorite DCOMs and even though there are (really good) songs, I don't consider it a musical so it's something different from High School Musical and Camp Rock. It's a good choice for a night in.

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