14 Reasons I'm Thankful for my Little Brother

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My little brother, Jackson, turned 14 this weekend! To celebrate, I wanted to share 14 reasons why I'm thankful for him on the blog today.

He's 1/2 of the dynamic Disney duo. // We're a family that loves going to Disney so I can always count on Jackson to help me remind our parents when we're overdue for a trip. Also, no one knows Disney info like him so he's my source for updates and my partner for planning our days in the park.

I can wear his tee shirts. // Not sure about you but I live in tee shirts. Being able to wear Jackson's basically gives me a double wardrobe. One day I needed a black long sleeve to wear with leggings and went straight into his closet and found one while he was at school because we're cool like that.

He'll wake up at 6 a.m. for free Chickfila with me. // Although I only had the motivation to wake up at 6 a.m. for the sole purpose of getting a free biscuit from Chickfila once, Jackson was 100% down to go with me that day. I can always count on him.

We have matching Duck Tales shirts. // Not only do we have matching shirts, but we also wear them on the same day. Even if we're going to be in different cities for most the day. Honestly, how many other brothers are that cool?

He's my photographer for spontaneous photoshoots. // This definitely depends on his mood, but on a good day, he will take 20 pictures of me AND come up with good captions and poses. When I first got my Good American jeans, this was everything.

We watch Netflix shows together. // Which is really hard because there are too many times when we're separate and want to watch but if we're committed, we're committed. We watched Grey's Anatomy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and 13 Reasons Why together.

I can talk to him about anything. // Whenever I have something happening in my life, he's the one I tell. I can count on him to listen to what's on my mind, even if he doesn't care, and know that he'll keep my secrets.

He's my passenger seat DJ + sing-along partner. // One of my favorite things is driving in the car and singing along to non-radio songs so it's super convenient when he's in the front seat and can control the aux cord so that I only hear jams.

He shares Chinese food with me. // Literally every time we're home alone, we order Chinese and we get our two favorite things and split them equally. And even though I have to drive to pick it up, he always calls in the order. 

He supports my blog. // It's so encouraging to have a brother who actually says he's proud of what you've created. He reads my posts and pushes me to go for big opportunities and continue working towards my dreams.

He goes to concerts with me. // Jackson has seen the Jonas Brothers, R5, and Before You Exit live in concert already in his 14 years. When no one else will go see your favorite boy band with you, your brother will. 

He's always on my side. // Unless we're fighting against each other. But, otherwise, he always has my back and will defend me in any situation. Don't come after one of us unless you're prepared to get both of us.

He'll run around Salem to find exact locations from Hocus Pocus with me. // Of course the person who has been forced to watch my favorite movie with me 20,000 times knows its importance. We ditched our family to find Alison's house then posed together in every other spot.

He always comes back. // Like all brothers and sisters, we get in some fights. They're not always pretty and sometimes I get really mad at him. At the end of the day, I know things will always work out and we'll be best friends again eventually. 

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