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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy summer! Remember when they kept saying "happy summer" in Japanese during Camp Rock? No? Oh okay. Anyways, I hope you all had a great May. Mine was filled with family birthdays, my college graduation, and lots of behind the scenes work on my blog. Right now, I'm on a really cool trip that you can read all about next week! I'm super excited for June - be sure to follow along on social media (all links are in the sidebar →) and keep up with new posts to see why! In the meantime, here are some great links I've loved online this month.

how to read more (without spending a lot of money!)

a DIY project: monogram cupcake stand

how to dress up a casual outfit in five minutes

a peek behind the scenes of a college blogger's life

tips for being productive while working from home

this video about instagram

a sneak peek of where I'm at right now

time to update your media kit? these templates will help!

college + life tips from tracie marie

a cool DIY for an outdoor table

are you following my instagram? exciting things ahead!

more instagram tips because you can never get enough

looking to make some extra cash? here are 8 different ways!

tips & tricks for instagram stories!

DIY these party hats for your next birthday party

since it's wedding season, read LC's social media etiquette

is it time for a social media detox? find out!

my ultimate guide to social media is especially useful for bloggers

I can't wait for this Instagram archive feature! finally!

loving this open and honest Q&A with brooke miccio

all of Ashley Tisdale's music sessions but this one for sure

disney's tsum tsum DIY bouquet

productive things to do this summer

10 podcasts for young women

an interesting take on social media minimalism

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