I'm on Facebook! + 17 Facebook post ideas

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Well, Madison Carter has been on Facebook for quite a well (since 7th grade to be exact) but Mads Maybe now officially has a Facebook page! I've been holding out on making one for years because Facebook has never been my platform of choice.

Instead of continuing to focus on my personal preferences, I decided to branch out and get established on Facebook and see how it goes. I would really appreciate it if y'all gave me a like and let me know what content you'd like to see on this new platform!

While I'm debuting the Mads Maybe Facebook page, I thought now would also be a great time to remind you guys (and anyone new stopping by!) where you can find me all around social media. Give me a follow and comment down below with your usernames so that I can connect with you as well!

Find me on Twitter (my favorite + most active platform): @madisoncarter12

Find me on Instagram: @madisoncarter12

Find me on Facebook: Mads Maybe

Find me on Pinterest: @madisoncarter40

Find me on Snapchat: maleficent40

I feel like I've gotten pretty good at figuring out what content to share on each platform so I've been brainstorming some content ideas for Facebook. Below, I've shared a list of some general ideas that you can customize for your own page!

Links to your blog posts (of course!)

Behind the scenes photos

An introduction with fun facts about you

Links to your favorite articles + videos online

Ask fun "get to know you" questions

Share your opinion on a pop culture current event, TV show, or movie

Monday Motivation - one of your favorite quotes

Throwback Thursday - share cute photos + anecdotes from your past

Follow Friday - feature your favorite bloggers or influencers

Share your favorite funny photos or videos from the web

Showcase your most popular post of all time

Chit chat - ask your followers about the best part of their day

Snack time! Share pictures of your very photogenic meals

Sneak peeks of future post topics

Short videos (unboxing, girl talk, routines)

GIF of how your day is going

Share an Instagram photo + link to your account

I'm excited to start working with Facebook! I'd love to read your Facebook tips + tricks in the comments! 

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