5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

by - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Because we have less than a week to figure out those last minute Christmas gift ideas and the stores are crowded, things are selling out, and it's a little too late to order online, I'm offering up some inspiration and ideas for last minute gifts that are simple yet personalized - everyone on your list will love these and no one will know that you waited until the last minute to find a gift for them!

All of the gifts on this list can be pieced together with items from stores like CVS, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree so you can avoid the mall and, if really necessary, you could pick most of these up on Christmas Day because many of these stores will be open through the holidays.

Gift Cards

Let's get the easiest out of the way first! While this one isn't the most personalized, I would really love to receive a gift card for one of my favorite places and appreciate that the giver knew what my favorite places were! Starbucks cards are THE BEST and no one will fault you for picking up one of these on your way to the party. 

Seriously, whoever said gift cards aren't a good gift was crazy. I would rather receive a gift card that I'll definitely use than a fruitcake that I'll never eat. Okay, I've never actually gotten a fruitcake, but this is hypothetical. 

A Framed Picture or Filled Photo Album

A frame or a photo album itself is nice, but filling it with personal pictures and memories makes it a top tier gift. This is a great gift for your mom, sibling, or best friend because I'm sure you have tons of photos with them on your phone or laptop. You can take a USB, memory card, or your cell phone and charger to CVS/Walgreens and get your pictures printed within minutes. A few extra minutes to put them into the album or frame and you've got a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Homemade Food

Homemade treats can be made the day of an event and will be so appreciated! I would definitely suggest making something that you know the recipient likes, even if it takes a few minutes of scrolling their Pinterest boards to find out. This is so fun because you can really make anything - brownies, cookies, muddy buddies, cheese straws - and package it up nicely. 

Another twist on this is to make a recipe in a jar (like the one pictured above!) with the dry ingredients and a recipe card explaining the next steps and additional items needed. You can easily create this with a clean jar and supplies you have at home. 

Themed Baskets

Spa Day Kit
A really nice treat that you can put together for the ladies in your life is a spa day kit! You can pick up a variety of items - face masks, nail polish, moisturizer, lotion, etc. - and arrange them in a basket as essentials for the perfect spa day at home. You could also include slippers, a robe, or pajama pants if you'd like! 

Tea for Two
If you have a big coffee or tea drinker on your list, you could get them a set of cute, personal mugs and put those together with an herbal tea sampler, box of K-cups, or speciality coffee. Combine this with a tin of cute cookies and you've got a fabulous gift!

Movie Night
One of my personal favorites is gifting the supplies for a movie night in. Get someone a great DVD (I recommend Twilight) and either a tin of popcorn, boxes of popcorn, or a bag of Boom Chicka Pop. Throw in some movie-theater-style boxes of candy and you're done!

Movie or Music Subscription

If you have someone in your life who loves watching TV or listening to music, consider paying for a subscription service like Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify for a few months. You can find gift cards for many of these services at places like Target and Walmart. I would suggest treating your recipient to a service they don't already use so they can experience something new, but it would also be a great gift to take care of their costs for a few months with a gift card! 

What's your go-to last minute gift?

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