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5 Things To Do At the End of the Semester

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The end of the semester is always an exciting time, but it's also very busy and stressful with finals and everything you need to get done. You want to make sure you plan your last few weeks so that you don't forget to do anything important - like return textbooks that you rented! I've created a list of five important things you need to do at the end of each semester that are often overlooked or forgotten by students, based on my experiences in college.

Before finals:

Calculate the final exam grade you need

Spend some time putting your grades into the ConquerCollege Amazing Grade calculator and find out what grade you need on the final to get an A or B in the class. You can also look at the grade you need for an A or an A+. This helps me manage my stress because I can see that I'll definitely pass the class and get an idea for how well I have to do for the grade I want. It doesn't change anything but it's so nice to know.

Double check next semester's schedule 

No one really wants to think about the next semester when you're finally getting a break but it's important to make sure your classes and credits are right so you're graduating on time. Take a little extra time now to check those and save yourself a lot of stress and worry of having to fix something during the first week of the semester when classes have already started. This is especially useful if you end up needing to meet with your advisor before break, they're easier to talk with while you're both still on campus.

Before/After finals:

Complete reviews through the university and on RateMyProfessor 

I'm listing this as before and after because my university reviews are due before finals start but they're super important to complete because your professor actually sees them and can make improvements to the course. I like to wait until I know my final grade for classes to write reviews on RateMyProfessor so I can truly reflect on the full experience. It's nice to do reviews here, especially if that's a resource you use, because you need to do future students the same favor past ones did for us.

After finals:

Return rented textbooks + sell purchased ones 

Obviously you need to keep your textbook until after the final so you can study, but make sure you return any rented textbooks as soon as possible so you aren't facing any late consequences. It's also a good time to sell textbooks that you've purchased and don't want to keep because waiting additional semesters increases the risk that new editions will come out and your book will become obsolete. School Facebook groups specifically for selling textbooks are a great place to list yours.

Update your LinkedIn and résumé 

If you're not frequently updating your LinkedIn and résumé, you need to start. Don't wait until your last year of college and try to remember every course you took, the projects you completed, and awards or certifications you might have received. Go ahead and spend 20 minutes after the semester to add everything you did. LinkedIn has a section for listing all of your classes and I say utilize that to show your wide range of skills and knowledge. If you get certified in Microsoft Office or Google AdWords in one of your classes, add that. If you learn new IT techniques like v-lookups and pivot tables, add those because they're rare in job candidates and need to be shown off.