Mads Maybe Ultimate Netflix List

by - Thursday, April 27, 2017

My top favorites on Netflix - updated June 2018

TV Series

Reign // I'm obsessed with Reign. The storyline is always intriguing and they honestly have the best music for any TV show in my opinion. You'll definitely fall in love with Francis and there's a 99.9% chance you'll cry at some point during the series and it's so worth it. [4 seasons]

The Carrie Diaries // One of my all-time favorite shows on Netflix, the prequel to Sex and the City is a must watch for every girl, even if you've never seen SATC. High school Carrie is so inspirational from her clothes to her NYC job. Plus, Austin Butler has a main role! [2 seasons]

Gossip Girl // I'm not sure if I've ever encountered someone who didn't love Gossip Girl. Blair and Chuck are arguably relationship goals and there is an endless supply of drama to go around. I definitely think this series gets better in the last few seasons so be sure to stick around. [6 seasons]

The Office // Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start. I laughed, I cried, I became one of those people who references quotes from The Office. I know this show isn't for everyone, but I think you need to give yourself time to get into it and by season 3, you'll be deeply invested in the lives of the characters. [9 seasons]

Riverdale // I was so surprised by how much I liked this show. It's the perfect murder mystery and so binge-worthy, I couldn't stop watching. There's a great balance of suspense and comedy and all of the characters are strong. [2 seasons]

Gilmore Girls // I finally watched the full series of Gilmore Girls and it was so good! It's different from other shows in a good way - it has a very peaceful and happy vibe. I love the length of this series because you follow the characters through such a big part of their lives. [7 seasons]

Switched at Birth // This is a really good drama that captured my attention and I was always looking forward to what would happen next, all the way through to the series finale. One of my favorite things about this drama is that it's fairly realistic. [5 seasons]

Parks and Recreation // I can't believe how many popular memes and phrases I didn't know came from this show! It's SO funny - I laughed out loud practically every episode and Leslie Knope is such an inspiration, although I feel more like an April Ludgate. [7 seasons]

The Great British Baking Show // Probably the best reality show on Netflix, this series is so calm and pleasant to watch. I love seeing all of the cool things the contestants bake and finding out who is star baker for each episode and who is going home. [4 seasons]

The Good Place // There's only one season on Netflix right now and I really enjoyed watching it. There are so many twists, turns, and surprises — I was always waiting for what would happen next and it was rarely what I was expecting. It's a comedy, but not laugh out loud funny in my opinion. [1 season]

90210 // This typical teen drama is just what you'd expect. There's an unreasonable amount of car crashes and basically all of the main characters date each other at some point in the series, but it is entertaining if you've watched everything else on the list! [5 seasons]


Fan Girl // Fan Girl is about a girl obsessed with All Time Low and, while that isn't my band of choice, I can relate. It's fun to watch her journey take place, especially if you've ever been obsessed with a boy band (yes, Jonas Brothers) and always dreamed of running into them.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 // I watched this without ever seeing the first one and still loved it! I love baby Groot!! This movie is funny and filled with action. It's for sure one of the best movies available on Netflix.

47 Meters Down // This movie gave me so much anxiety, but it was so good! It's definitely a little scary and suspenseful so I probably wouldn't recommend watching it at night, but it's a must-watch in my opinion.

Ella Enchanted // I watched Ella Enchanted all the time when I was younger and my cousins and I would always sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" from the final scene. I'm so glad it's on Netflix now because it's a great blast from the past! 

13 Going On 30 // Are there people who don't love 13 Going On 30? I don't think so. It's really funny and a cute love story. I always associate the movie with the Thriller dance, a pretty iconic scene. Definitely a girls' night movie.

The Kissing Booth // I'm not usually a big fan of Netflix Originals, but this is one of the better ones I've seen. It's kinda good and kinda bad in a weird way. The acting isn't great, but it's not terrible if you're looking for a cheesy teen romance movie.

So Undercover // I remember watching this years ago after prom — it's Miley Cyrus! If you loved Hannah Montana, you'll definitely enjoy this movie. It has a good mix of everything you want in a movie: comedy, action, suspense, romance.

The Founder // I have mixed feelings about this movie! It appealed to my business + marketing senses, but the overall story - of how McDonald's came to be - is actually so sad! It's definitely good information to know though and a great conversation topic for days after you watch it.

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