6 Things to Do in June

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

#1: Clean out your closets

Having a little extra time in the summer can give you an opportunity to declutter your room and get rid of the things you no longer want. Summer is also a perfect time for this because you can create a fresh wardrobe for the next school year. 

Donate and sell old clothes you no longer wear.

If you're cleaning out clothes, you can separate them into different sections depending on what you want to do with them. You can choose to donate some, sell them at a consignment store or in a yard sale, or even exchange clothes with friends. They don't all have to go to one place and having small sections can be more manageable than one big pile of clothes.

Don't forget your jewelry.

I've been meaning to go through my jewelry for so long and it's definitely on my list of things to tackle this month. I have tons and tons of things I no longer wear and would be willing to let go of. While cleaning, take some time to sit down and go through your jewelry - reorganize it and see if there's anything you don't want to hold onto. 

Organize your clothes while you're cleaning out.

In the process of getting rid of things, be sure to reorganize your clothes so that you can take advantage of the extra space you're creating. Whether you want to color code your closet or reassign drawers to different pieces, it can be beneficial to switch things up a little and improve your system of storing clothes.

#2: Make a vision board

Some of our favorite YouTubers have been making vision boards lately so now is the perfect time to jump on the trend and create your own. I watched Danielle's video today and she just used a simple piece of poster board, some magazines, and a glue stick. It's a fun and simple project to complete this summer!

Pick up inspirational magazines, preferably ones you already have!

Teen Vogue or Cosmo probably have good content for this project while People magazine and other celebrity gossip magazines might not. Think about what you're wanting to include while you're deciding on magazines. Old ones you already have are perfect so you aren't buying magazines for the sole purpose of cutting them up!

Purposefully fill it up.

I think vision boards look really good when they're filled with content and there isn't a lot of white or blank space, but don't include stuff just to fill space. You want your vision board to be really focused and truly include your vision and personal goals. It's okay for it to be a work in progress that you're adding to over time.

Make it a girl's night.

I thought it was so fun that Danielle and her mom worked on their vision boards together and called it a girl's night. This is a fun project you can complete with your mom or friends and I think it's a great way to spend time together. Plus, this could double the magazine supply if you invite friends over to work with you!

#3: Start learning something new

I'm constantly seeing tweets about wanting to learn something or start a hobby and now is the perfect time to start! You probably can't master a skill in a month but definitely get started and make a plan to continue practicing throughout the summer.

Work on improving your knowledge of something you already use.

I see a lot of people wanting to master manual mode on their DSLR - this month, go for it! There are tons of resources online and videos can be especially helpful. You could also get more involved with software you use like Photoshop, Lightroom, and other editing programs. YouTube is a great place to find tutorials for just about anything.

Practice something creative.

Creative tasks are something I talk about a lot but I strongly believe they're super beneficial. Calligraphy and hand-lettering are other popular topics on social media and the best way to conquer those are simply to start practicing. Work on DIY projects like fun clothes and accessories for the summer or cute decor for your room.

Dive into learning a new language.

I think high school and/or college basically forced a second language on us so you could really work on mastering that one or even go for a third language. Duolingo is a great app for practicing basic words and there are a lot of motivational accounts on tumblr. I completed every level on Duolingo for Spanish and the basic levels for German and I feel very accomplished having at least an understanding of three languages.

#4: Create a summer routine

It's easy to fall into the habit of sleeping in and doing nothing all day when summer rolls around so developing a schedule early on can keep you from feeling like you've wasted your summer. It helps to take some time and figure out what your day is typically like so you can find a schedule that works best for you.

Establish a daily wake up time.

Waking up at the same time each day can keep you in a routine for when school starts again and helps you plan your day. Don't waste half your day sleeping through the morning. You can get a lot more done and feel super accomplished crossing things off your to-do list early. Pro tip: If you have errands to run, places are typically less busy mid-morning.

Don't neglect your planner.

I'm the worst about this, I think my past two weeks are blank but I'm getting back into planning for the month of June! Writing things in your planner keeps you a little more committed and holds you accountable in a way. Without the typical school stuff, you have more room to plan for other things and include smaller tasks.

Have several daily tasks.

You can create a routine easily if you have things you do at the same time everyday. For me, I pick up my brother from school at a certain time each day and respond to any emails first thing in the morning, so I can add other things in between and plan my schedule around my daily things. I'm usually less motivated later in the afternoon so I try to get things done in the morning. 

#5: Explore your city

Going on vacation is a lot of fun but it will also be fun to take one weekend in the month to explore your city and go places you've never gone before. This is a great way to add adventure to your summer without spending a lot of money or dealing with travel. 

Try a restaurant you haven't been to before.

One of the simplest ways to explore your city is by visiting a restaurant you haven't eaten at before. I have a feeling that no matter how small your town is, there are probably a few restaurants you haven't tried. If you don't like it, it's just one meal and you don't have to go back but who knows, you could find your new favorite spot.

Find a fun activity you haven't done.

Some ideas coming to mind are kayaking, hiking, and wine and design classes. Bigger cities might have escape rooms or adventure courses. There are yoga classes and zip lines and water parks. Do a little research and find something fun that interests you. The possibilities could be endless here.

Do some volunteer work.

A great way to get to know people in your community and participate with groups and organizations you might not have prior experience with is to volunteer. You can learn so much from volunteering and gain familiarity with your town. There are plenty of options from volunteering with animals to volunteering with senior citizens. 

#6: Add 5 relaxing things to your list and check them off

There are so many simple things we all want to do but can never seem to find the time. This month, do something for yourself and make time to relax and complete those leisure activities you've been wanting to get done.

Tackle two books you've been meaning to read.

If you're spending a weekend at the beach or taking a long flight, be sure to bring along one of your books and get some reading done. If you aren't able to finish your book on vacation, make sure you set aside time when you get back to finish it. Goodreads is a great website for finding new books you might like and keeping track of what you've read, what you want to read, and your current progress.

Watch a series on Netflix.

It's not hard to complete a series in a month, especially if you choose a short one, and it's a great way to relax and create some downtime. Check out my ultimate netflix list for some amazing series suggestions that I personally loved and plan on watching an episode or two before bed. Watching my current show is something I look forward to at night.

Listen to 3 TED talks.

I find TED talks super relaxing and easy to fall asleep to, but there are some interesting topics and great speakers - be sure to search for topics that interest you. Some I've really enjoyed are Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and Living without Shame by Whitney Thore. They're short and simple ways to get inspired and learn more about a topic or someone's point of view.

What are you planning to do this month? 

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