Life is But a Disney Dream

by - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

After we visited 4 parks in 48 hours, my family went on a 5 night Bahamas cruise on the Disney Dream! Our itinerary featured a day at Disney's private island Castaway Cay, a day at Nassau, another day at Castaway Cay, and a day at sea. This was our fifth cruise with Disney Cruise Line and I'm convinced their quality is unmatched.

We boarded the ship on Sunday, June 11 and went to the lunch buffet right away. One of the best (and worst) things about cruising is having really great food ALL THE TIME. I gained at least 5 pounds while at sea. Once everyone is on board and the ship starts moving, Disney has a Sailing Away party with all the characters on the deck. This also happens to be the best time to look down into the ocean and see marine life - I saw lots of stingrays and a sea turtle swimming by as we were taking off.

Each night, Disney has a show before or after dinner, depending on whether you have the early or late dinner seating. We saw the Golden Mickeys, Villains Tonight, and Believe - three Broadway style productions starring some of our favorite Disney characters. Villains Tonight is my favorite show, of course, because Maleficent is my favorite character, but it's also very comedic, which I love. On Pirate Night, we got the special treat of watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales before dinner. I haven't seen all of the other POTC movies, but I really liked this one. Fun fact: Henry Turner is played by the same actor who was Prince Phillip in Maleficent.

Going to dinner each night was one of my favorite parts of the cruise. We dressed up and went to the amazing restaurants on the ship - The Royal Palace, The Enchanted Garden, and Animator's Palette - rotating to a different one every night. Our servers rotated with us and remembered our drink order, how I liked my steak cooked, etc. Each night included a fancy four-course meal and we were able to try different foods we hadn't eaten before. This shrimp + lobster appetizer was one of my favorites.

Going to Castaway Cay twice was special for our cruise. It's such a beautiful island, there's so much to do, and the only guests there were the ones from our ship. Our first day on the island, I spent a lot of time relaxing in a beach chair and went down the water slide. Our second day, I spent a little time relaxing and a lot of time snorkeling. I will only snorkel or swim in the ocean at Castaway Cay because they have protections in place to prevent a lot of unwanted creatures from coming into the swimming area and the water is so clear there, you can see right to the bottom. Plus there are lifeguards all around so I would definitely call it the safest ocean to explore.

The food at Castaway Cay is really fun and unique - you don't have to get back on the boat for lunch, just head over to Cookies BBQ for ribs, chicken, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, tons of sides, and delicious desserts like chocolate chip cookies or banana bread. There are ice cream stations here too so you can continue to enjoy unlimited soft serve all throughout the day. After eating all this food, I filled up a plate of fresh sliced fruit - mango, watermelon, honeydew, pineapple + more - to take back to the beach with me. Cruising = constant food.

I mentioned watching Pirates of the Caribbean on Pirate Night earlier so you might be wondering what Pirate Night entails. Nearly every Caribbean cruise with DCL has a Pirate Night. Guests dress up like pirates - some with small accessories, some with full out costumes - and Captain Jack Sparrow is around for pictures, there's a special pirate meal at dinner, and on the deck that night, there's a huge pirate show that ends with a fireworks display. After the fireworks, the deck turns into a dance floor for a pirate dance party and there's a late night pirate buffet that includes a taco bar, baked potato station, crepe bar, and tons of other desserts. There's nothing like Pirate Night and being Pirates IN the Caribbean.

On the last night of our cruise, we went to the pin trading event because my brother has a collection of pins and had brought some to trade with the crew members. He got some cool new pins including a big Star Wars one and some characters that he loves. We had another really cool experience that night after dinner - we got to watch the premiere of Cars 3 as it was premiering in theaters on the mainland. I thought the movie was very cute and I highly recommend it if you enjoyed the original Cars.

I almost forgot to mention the daily breakfast buffet. It was so, so good. Cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip muffins, scrambled eggs, toast, Mickey waffles, croissants, yogurt, cereal, hash browns. I don't usually eat breakfast, but it quickly became my favorite meal of the day on the cruise. 

We had a great time on our cruise! Lots of fun experiences and lots and lots of eating. Cruising is such a fun way to visit different destinations and travel the world - I can't wait to see where our next cruise will take us!

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