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my craziest disney story

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My 17th birthday in 2013

I feel like this post should have a clickbait title typical of YouTube "STORY TIME" videos but, alas, my all-caps title formatting limits me. We can pretend this is a YouTube story time video though and I think it's pretty crazy, but you can let me know in the comments below if my title actually did turn out to be YouTube-worthy clickbait after all.

If you're a frequent Disney-goer you may remember the American Idol Experience attraction that used to be in Hollywood Studios where contestants in the park would compete in a mini version of American Idol throughout the day - singing a song and getting voted for by the audience. At the end of the night, the winners from the rounds throughout the day would compete in a final round and the ultimate winner of the day would take home a pass to skip the line for the real American Idol auditions. I actually really liked this attraction because it was entertaining and interactive and I'm a little sad that it's gone.

So back in 2012, we were in the Disney parks for my 16th birthday. We went to the final round of the American Idol experience on our day in Hollywood Studios so it was the best of the best from the day. I specifically remember this day and I know that in the end I voted for a guy who was singing because I thought he was talented and my family voted for the girl who sang for whatever reason. I remember because the boy won so I bragged to my family and then we went on about our day.

Fast forward to the next year, it's 2013 and we're on a Disney cruise for my 17th birthday. We went to the D lounge, the family lounge on the ship, for karaoke. We listened to a lot of other people sing, Jackson and I probably sang a song from Disney Channel. Later, this guy was singing with his family, he said his name, and he might have mentioned having sang at the American Idol Experience but I don't clearly remember that. As my family was getting ready to go to bed that night, something clicked in mind and I told them "I think the guy singing at karaoke was the same guy we saw win the American Idol Experience last year." I'm sure they thought I was crazy.

Anyways, the next night we're back at karaoke and the guy is there so I casually asked him if he won the American Idol Experience the year before during the week of September 25th and he discussed it with the people he was with and they said that was the week they had been at Disney, when he competed and won. I was so shocked, I was like this is so crazy but we were there and I remember! Then we were all just kind of impressed by the coincidence of it all.

I still to this day cannot believe something like that would happen. Two completely different families from different countries (we found out they were from Canada later in the conversation) to be in the same room two years in a row in different places. I wanted to share this wild story after all these years because I never really had a platform to discuss it before and I think it's kind of impressive and a really great display of the magic of Disney. It's a small world after all.

Maybe I just lead a boring life and that's why I think this story is so wild, but it's up to you to decide in the comments - was this story pretty crazy or was it the typical story time clickbait?