20 Things to do Between College Classes

by - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Because unfortunately, you can't take your breaks here!

As hard as I tried to avoid long breaks between classes, sometimes they're inevitable. My very first semester of college I had a break from 9:20 - 1:30 and even when I started senior year, I had a break from 11:45 - 1:30. As a commuter, I couldn't go back to a dorm or apartment during these breaks so I had to learn how to maximize this time for being productive. I loved it when I could do several different things during my break and felt like I was utilizing my time wisely so I've created a list of things you can do as a current college student during your breaks between classes!

Do homework.

Homework was my first priority for any free time I had on campus so I wouldn't have to worry about it when I got home. I found that doing homework is the best way to use up any free time, but it often doesn't take too long so I could start with homework and then do other things during my break.

Eat lunch or a snack.

Most of my classes weren't too strict about eating during class, but it still wasn't something that I felt comfortable doing. Instead, I would use my break - even my fifteen minute ones! - to make sure I could eat something during the school day, whether it was snacks brought from home or lunch on campus with friends.

Visit the library.

The library is a great place to spend your break time if you have nowhere else to go. You can meet friends to get work done or just go to a quiet section and work on your own. A lot of times, I would sit in the building where my classes were held, but sometimes the library offered a better space for comfortably sitting and working.

Attend office hours.

It's not uncommon for professors to hold their office hours in the morning or afternoon so if you're able to find an overlap of office hours and your break time, use it! You can go to office hours for clarification, to ask professors to review a draft, or to learn how to best prepare for your next exam. This is a great way for your professors to get to know you.

Watch videos for online classes.

Instead of using your time at home to sit through boring lectures for your online classes, watch them during your breaks. It may seem like a lecture overload, but I found it easier to focus and pay attention to the videos while on campus without many distractions.

Hang out with friends.

If you have a lot of free time and the weather is nice, sit in the courtyard/brickyard/quad with your friends! It's a great way to relax, destress, and take your mind off of school. You deserve a break every now and then.

Schedule advising appointments.

If you need to meet with your advisor during the semester, your breaks between classes can be the perfect time for an appointment. It's especially helpful that you're already on campus and don't have to take a special trip for advising. Just make sure you give yourself ample time before your next class.

Explore the area around campus.

Stick to the safe, populated areas of course. Take a friend along and explore the boutiques, coffee shops, and local restaurants throughout the semester. You can find some really cool places and probably some great Instagram spots, too.

Go to the bookstore.

This is most useful at the beginning of the semester when you have to get supplies, but there are also a few things you'll need to add or replenish after a few months. Instead of having to make a trip to the bookstore after classes, get it done during your break.

Use a campus computer lab.

I know a lot of schools put fancy software on student laptops for free, but mine certainly wasn't one. For several projects in my IT class, expensive software was required so I would go to the basement computer lab during breaks to work on those projects until they were complete.

Work on group projects.

I was kind of a difficult teammate to have for group projects because of my commuting schedule so I would try to make sure my group met up during my breaks between classes to work on projects. Most people have a flexible schedule so this works out and saves quality free time at night or on weekends for everyone.

Study for tests.

If you have tests in your later classes, you can use your break time beforehand for a last minute study session. Even a few minutes of review can be a big help, making you feel more confident and prepared. 

Watch Netflix.

This was pretty much all I did between classes my senior year. I had been afraid to waste time by watching Netflix on campus, but after a while, I realized it was okay to enjoy a show if I didn't have any other pressing matters at hand. Check out my favorites list for the best shows to watch during your break!

Organize your notes.

If you're someone who likes to rewrite your notes after class to make them neater, you could use this spare time in a productive environment to check that task off your to-do list. You could also open slideshows for upcoming classes and take notes in advance to get ahead.

Attend an on-campus event.

Most college campuses always have something going on so each week, look at the events coming up and see if there's anything you're interested in during your break times. You can get free tee shirts, enter to win cool prizes, and enjoy a fun and informative experience. 

Work out in the school gym.

If you don't mind getting a little sweaty before your next class, head to the gym on campus and get in a quick workout. They typically have all sorts of equipment, group classes, and great facilities. Use that free (but actually super expensive considering tuition) gym membership!

Take a stroll around campus.

If you want to get Fitbit steps in without hitting the gym, take a walk around campus. Stick to areas you know to be safe and keep an eye on the time before your next class. Might as well burn calories while you're killing time.

Hang out in the student union.

If you're tired of sitting in the library or the hallways outside of your classes, there are lots of comfy seats in the student union. You can find a quiet spot to sit and work or join your classmates in a busier area for conversation.

Start jammin' on your planner.

A quick break between classes is a great opportunity to review your planner, take a glance at what you have going on the rest of the day, and update your to-do list. You might have new information from your previous class that needs to be added.

Catch up on social media.

This one may be the least productive on the list but hopefully it will prevent you from scrolling while you're in class! Your break is the perfect time to spend 15 minutes on your Facebook newsfeed without feeling too guilty for it.

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