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prepare to be mooned: solar eclipse guide

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it - because the solar eclipse is THIS Monday, August 21! I've literally had the date written in my Notes app since New Years. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, depending on where you live + whether you'll travel for future eclipses. I don't want to miss it and if you're living along the path, you shouldn't either!

This week, there's been tons of content out about the eclipse and I've learned a lot of interesting information and good-to-know tidbits so, of course, I wanted to share all that I've discovered about the eclipse and some fun ideas of my own in this 2017 solar eclipse guide!

Be prepared + be safe!

There have been tons of news stories about the dangers of looking directly at the sun during the eclipse - even when it's covered by the moon - but if you haven't heard yet, do not risk looking at the sun with the naked eye!! Make sure you're prepared with authorized eclipse glasses if you're hoping to look up and see the eclipse taking place.

Unfortunately, these glasses are hard to come by at such late notice but you can try these chain retailers: Circle K, Lowe's, Kirkland's, Walmart, Warby Parker; public libraries; college campuses; and local eye doctors. I've also heard that there's one free pair of eclipse glasses in some 30-can boxes of Pepsi products, but I've yet to see this myself.

Remember, if you aren't able to find glasses, you can still experience the effects of totality - day becoming night for about two minutes! - without looking up at the sun. With or without glasses, be ready in advance since the full effects of the eclipse only last for two minutes.

Be careful while driving before, during, and after the solar eclipse - especially if you live around the path of totality - because many people are traveling to get a better view, so the traffic could get crazy and drivers are likely to stop in the road while the eclipse is happening.

Host an eclipse party!

I would personally refer to my party as "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" but the puns and cute phrases are limitless. If you have time this weekend to craft up some cute party favors, I've seen tee shirts and koozies with sayings like "I Blacked Out on August 21, 2017" and "This Totality Rocks." Below I've listed the perfect snacks for your party and songs to add to your party playlist!

Sun + Moon Snacks 
  • Moon Pies
  • Sun Chips
  • Sunkist + SunDrop
  • Orbit + Eclipse gum
  • Milky Ways
  • Starbursts
  • sunflower seeds
  • Star Crunch snacks
  • you can cut tons of different foods into star/sun/moon shapes
  • there are also lots of cool "galaxy" recipes on Pinterest
Eclipse Playlist
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
  • Chasing the Sun - Hilary Duff
  • Eclipse - Pink Floyd
  • Glowing in the Dark - The Girl & the Dreamcatcher
  • A Sky Full of Stars - ColdPlay
  • Eyes Like Sky - Frank Ocean
  • Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
  • Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
  • Chasing the Sun - The Wanted

If you'd rather go out, there are tons and tons of events in towns that are lucky enough to be in the direct path of totality and events in the towns surrounding the direct path. You can Google eclipse events in the town of your choice and find lots of options.

If you'd rather stay inside or have unfortunate scheduling conflicts, NASA, ABC, The Weather Channel, and The Science Channel are all providing live streams on their websites and TV channels.

Special Sweet Treats

Several different restaurants are offering special eclipse-themed foods on Monday or all throughout the weekend leading up to the eclipse. I've rounded up some delicious deals:
  • Krispy Kreme - the original glaze gets blacked out! Aug 19-21.
  • Hwy 55 - Fly Me to the Moon shake made with Oreos. Aug 21. 
  • Denny's - all you can eat Mooncakes (pancakes they claim look like the moon). Aug 21. 
  • Sprinkles - A Total Eclipse of the Tastebuds black velvet cupcake. Aug 19-21.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember that this is a once in a lifetime experience. Please do not miss it because you're trying to take a photo or go live on Instagram. If your followers aren't in an eclipse viewing area, there are plenty of great, professional channels streaming the event. Enjoy your experience.

The danger in looking at the sun during the eclipse comes from the perception that it might be safe when it's darker and the moon is covering the sun. It is never safe to stare at the sun with unprotected eyes. Please wear authorized glasses when looking at the sun! Don't take any risks.

You can visit this website to type in your zip code and find out what percentage of totality you'll experience in your area and how many miles you'd have to travel for 100% totality. My town will experience 94.8%!

There are lots of people in the world who "chase" eclipses! They travel all around the world to see solar eclipses because they say they get an adrenaline rush from viewing it. It seems like a pretty big deal!

Comment your eclipse tips + fun ideas down below!