Impress Your Guests with Milkshakes

by - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

This weekend, my family made milkshakes based off this delicious recipe for spooky s'mores shakes on Dixie Delights. We wanted to try and recreate the look of milkshakes being served in luxurious NYC restaurants and featured all over social media. It turns out, it's easy to create a shake that's just as Instagram-worthy as those big city treats at home! Here's how you can turn an ordinary milkshake into the star dessert of your party.

Add extra sweets with icing

The way to turn your dessert into a 5-star masterpiece is to add a layer of icing (store-bought works perfectly) around the rim of the cup. You'll want to keep it thin enough so that you can easily hold the cup, but thick enough to have room for treats. Once the icing is on, stick different colorful candies of your choosing all around the icing - try to cover it up as much as possible! We used candy corn for our Halloween milkshakes, but you could also use mini cookies, Lucky Charms, sprinkles, Fruit Loops - the possibilities are endless.

Use small plastic cups

Small clear plastic cups create the perfect portion size and also add convenience for the hostess because you don't have to spend hours cleaning sticky sweets off your glasses. Clear cups look best and hold the extra sweets and icing well. 

Add a colorful paper straw

Paper straws are generally the worst because they fall apart before your drink is finished, but they tend to come in fun, colorful patterns that can add even more of your theme to your milkshake. If you're using the portion size of the small plastic cups, the paper straw should be able to make it without falling apart too soon and you can always have some plastic straws on hand for back-up.

Get creative with flavors

It's so easy to find different milkshake recipes on Pinterest, don't stop at chocolate or vanilla! I personally loved this s'mores flavor for fall and I've pinned unicorn milkshakes, funfetti cake batter, and candy corn milkshake recipes! I think the motto of these milkshakes should be "the crazier, the better."

Garnish with a fun treat

Because the candy, icing, and milkshake itself aren't enough, you should add a cookie or other fun treat into the milkshake. Dixie Delights added a graham cracker and Ghoster Roaster (they're made by Campfire Marshmallows and I found them at Food Lion) into the s'mores shakes so of course we followed suit with that and it tasted great! I also thought it made the shake even more appealing in terms of presentation. I don't think anyone would be opposed to having a fun-size candy bar in their milkshake.

Have fun with your milkshakes and if you make an over-the-top creation, tweet me or tag me on Instagram @madisoncarter12

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