Whitening Teeth While Watching Fall TV

by - Thursday, November 02, 2017

I was gifted this product by Smile Brilliant for review, but thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission from the sale if you choose to purchase from Smile Brilliant. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Mads Maybe!

Sometimes life can get so busy that I don't have time to think about the things I'd like to do for myself - like scheduling hair appointments, painting my nails, or whitening my teeth - let alone actually get those tasks checked off my list. I can't even tell you the last time I'd whitened my teeth, but if I had to guess I'd say the morning of senior prom in 2014.

Living in the South, I'm a huge fan of sweet tea which unfortunately stains my teeth and typical whitening toothpaste can't always remove those stains. I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out and sent me their whitening kit so that I could share my experience with you guys! I was even more excited when I received the kit and learned that I could easily fit whitening into my nightly routine without having to sacrifice TV time!

After I received Smile Brilliant's whitening kit, I first had to make impressions - molds of my teeth - in a mixture of catalyst and base paste that I pressed into the trays included in the kit. They include an extra set of catalyst paste and base paste in case you aren't satisfied with one of your impressions and want to redo it for accuracy.

When I was happy with my impressions, I stuck them in a pre-paid envelope that was included in my kit and put them in the mail, on their way to the lab so that my custom teeth whitening trays could be made!

My custom trays were sent to me a few days later and I was very impressed by how simple the process was. I felt like the custom trays were a game changer when it came to whitening because they fit perfectly on my teeth. I didn't have to constantly worry about them moving out of place while whitening, which is something I struggled with in the past using whitening strips.

After I had my custom trays, I started whitening my teeth at night before bed while I was watching my favorite shows this fall. Is it just me or are the fall line-ups amazing this year?! I took a few minutes during a commercial break to put the whitening gel in my trays and then continued to watch my shows while whitening.

There were several nights where I continued whitening while I took a shower, dried my hair, and replied to emails. One of my favorite things about the Smile Brilliant whitening kit was that I could do practically anything while whitening - it fit perfectly into my established routine.

After using the whitening gel for anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours, I would use the desensitizing gel that was included in my kit to close the pores on my teeth and prevent them from being too sensitive after the whitening process. This extra step is super helpful when sensitivity is a concern.

I'm sure you're wondering what shows I'm so committed to watching while whitening so I won't keep you waiting any longer! My favorites are The Good Doctor on ABC, Lethal Weapon on Fox, Riverdale on the CW, and The Walking Dead on AMC. Plus, if the Twilight saga or Harry Potter is on Freeform, you can catch me watching that!

After around my third whitening session, I found that I'd really fallen into a routine for the process which made it that much easier to seamlessly fit into my day. I was no longer having to refer to instructions and I got pretty good at adding gel to my trays so I could literally take three commercial breaks for the whole process - one to add my whitening gel, one to switch over to the desensitizing gel, and one quick final break to remove my trays before bed. It was that simple.

And now for the moment you've really been waiting for - the results! My before pictures were obviously taken before the Smile Brilliant kit arrived at my house and the after photos were taken after just 7 whitening sessions! The results are undeniable.




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