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2017 Reflections

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Shoutout to my light box for never having enough letters & always forcing me to get creative 
Looking back on this year, SO much has happened - it's sometimes hard for me to believe! I graduated college in May, turned 21 in September, and have had so many fun experiences in between. I'm so beyond thankful for all of the friends that I've made through blogging and social media throughout the year and in years past. I've had several amazing opportunities this year that were so much fun and some exciting projects to work on - I'm grateful for everything that I'm able to do because of this website.

One really big thing I'd like to reflect on and discuss is how much Mads Maybe has grown this year. We've come a long way from the tiny blog I started in December 2014 when I had no idea what I was doing but just knew I wanted to do it. I finally made the decision to get the www.madsmaybe.com domain and drop the .blogspot.com - which is a huge step for any blogger and it feels amazing! In doing that, I've also finally become more confident in sharing my blog and openly discussing it.

In the spring, I started a Facebook group with some of my close blogging friends where we could share ideas and ask questions. This group has had such a positive impact on my blogging experience and I'm so thankful to know these girls! 

On the topic of social media, I started the Mads Maybe Facebook page in August and have been so thankful for the support I've seen on that platform. I've always had the most amazing community on Twitter (literally since day 1) and it will always be my favorite place to connect with everyone, but it's great to see interaction on other sites as well. You all have no idea how much it means to me when you share my posts, comment, and like my content. Seemingly little things make such a big difference when you're putting in hard work to produce content - it feels amazing to know that it's being appreciated.

Every repin, retweet, and share brings so many more eyes to my website, leading new people to discover my content! Plus, it means the world to me to see how much you enjoyed reading something that I wrote. Pressing one simple button may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference to me and I'm so grateful for that support. Trust me, I have the numbers to prove how much of a difference that engagement makes - it's a lot!

Shifting gears to some travel and blog-related experiences I've had this year! I honestly still can't believe my family spent a weekend in the Chick-fil-A cow's barn! Memorial Day weekend back in May, we were invited to barn-sit for the cows in Georgia while they were in hiding for National Burger Month. This was one of the most unique experiences we've ever had and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it!

Not long after our weekend with Chick-fil-A, my family spent 48 hours in Disney World to experience Pandora (so worth it!) and also went on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, on which we got to see the Cars 3 Premiere! Jackson and I were the first in line and he might have knocked some kids down when the doors opened. Any time we get to spend at Disney World is a dream.

I had the opportunity to work with some other really cool brands this year - Go Ape adventure course in North Myrtle Beach helped me host my sister's bachelorette party in the spring! This fall, I was able to look back on some of the memories from her wedding in a collaboration with Basic Invite. Shortly after, I completed a very cool campaign with Smile Brilliant to try out their custom teeth whitening kit! I was super fortunate to work with these amazing brands + companies throughout the year.

Finally, I ended the year with Blogmas, which was kind of a challenge for me to go from weekly posts to daily posts for 23 days in a row! It was a fun month and I really enjoyed creating DIY projects and easy recipes for y'all. It's always been my intention to transition from a college-based lifestyle blog to more of a crafty space since I graduated, so Blogmas presented several opportunities to incorporate that new vibe.

Looking ahead to the new year, I have lots of goals that I'll be working to accomplish. Many of my goals are personal, relating to fitness and career, but I also have goals for Mads Maybe! I'm always working towards growth - I think that's one thing that will always remain consistent in blogging - but the new year is a great reminder to sit down and strategize how to make growth a reality. (If you know the secret, let me know.) I'd love to work on more collaborations in the new year, especially more experiences in the form of travel, events, and restaurants.

Primarily, I'm just going to have fun and see where 2018 takes me. Whatever happens will happen and I know there are opportunities ahead that I couldn't even imagine right now. While I'll be setting a few goals - mostly to help me get back into a routine! - I'm not going to focus on being so set on crossing things off my list. I'm going to focus on being the best me I can be and see what surprises 2018 brings!

Are you making new years resolutions? What was your favorite part of 2017?