Don We Now Our Ugly Sweaters

by - Saturday, December 09, 2017

Happy ugly Christmas sweater season! If you didn't know, December 15th is National Ugly Christmas Sweater day and I've created this ultimate ugly Christmas sweater guide to help you prepare. I'll be showing you how I made my own DIY ugly Christmas sweater, a roundup of my favorite ugly sweaters available online, AND how to DIY an award for your ugly Christmas sweater party! Also, does anyone know why they have to be called ugly Christmas sweaters?? I think they're pretty cute.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

To make my ugly sweater, I used a plain $6 sweatshirt from Walmart (men's or women's works!) and pipe cleaners, felt, pom-poms and yarn. I wanted to base my design off of something that reflects me, but I couldn't think of any good ideas related to Twilight so I went with a Harry Potter theme! Instead of using a special fabric glue, I just used tacky glue because this is likely a one-time wear that I won't worry about washing.

My first tip is definitely go with a cheap solid sweatshirt from Walmart. It's going to be SO much more comfortable than typical ugly sweater material. Next, if you want to make a very specific design - like "Potter" in the movie font - use your Cricut to cut out a pattern on paper and trace it onto your felt. If you don't have a Cricut, you could print the design, cut that out, and then trace it onto your felt. This extra step really helps on detailing things.

My next tip is to incorporate items you already have at home into your design. It could be bows, pom-poms, fabric scraps, googly eyes, etc. Think outside the box and don't be afraid to stray from your original idea. I definitely had a different vision in my mind when I started planning my sweater, but I found what worked and what didn't and improvised along the way. I definitely don't recommend using pipe cleaners to make your words - which I did for the word "merry" - because they were a little bit more difficult to glue down.

While it's obviously not perfect, it's very inexpensive - I already had everything I used at home! - and it's special that it's unique and something I personally made to represent something that I love. I know for sure there won't be anyone else at the party wearing the same sweater as me! (Unless, of course, they read this post and create an exact replica. 😱)

My Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters Available Online

I've also browsed the web to find my absolute favorite ugly Christmas sweaters complete with all the puns, tackiness, and cute cartoons you could ever want. I tried to include a wide variety and even added in a jumpsuit that I had to stop myself from getting (because I already made my ugly Christmas sweater!). 

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DIY Ugly Sweater Contest Award

Lastly, here's a quick DIY "Ugliest Christmas Sweater award" that you can create for your parties! You can choose to make multiple awards to celebrate the funniest, cutest, and most creative sweaters or you can just have one award for the sweater that tops them all. It may not be the most impressive prize, but it's a great way to hold onto the memory of your event and the winner can incorporate it into their Christmas decor for years to come!

My little brother helped me make this award for our family party - he crafted the sweater design and I basically just painted the canvas and added the words. Shoutout to Jackson. I used a thin mini canvas, painted it a solid color, and then cut a sweater out of felt which I glued on with tacky glue. Then I gave Jackson some yarn, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and tacky glue to take care of the rest. We wanted to include the year and maybe make this an annual tradition! The last thing I did was write "ugliest sweater" to acknowledge the honor using regular Sharpie markers.

If you want to raise the stakes of your contest, you can certainly add on an additional portion of the prize - with something like a nice box of candy or a gift card - but the canvas is perfect for commemorating the details of the event!

Do you have your ugly sweater yet?

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