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DIY Gourmet Marshmallows

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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With Valentine's Day coming up, I'm all about finding festive ways to celebrate and incorporate as many hearts and pink things as I can into my daily life – including in my blog posts! Last week, I shared my Galentine's Day gift guide and, this week, I'm sharing a festive sweet treat that you can make for your Valentine's and Galentine's celebrations. I can't get over how cute these DIY gourmet marshmallows turned out! I'm literally obsessed.

Forrest Gump's mom always said "life is like a box of chocolates." My grandma always thought the quote was "life is like a box of cherries." But, in this post, life is like a box of marshmallows – pretty and sweet.

Gourmet Marshmallows Ingredients

Marshmallows of your choice
Candy melts
Coconut Flakes
Chopped Nuts

Square s'mores marshmallows will be perfect if you're making these treats for an occasion that isn't Valentine's related, or if you can't find any heart marshmallows near you! I was intending to use squares before I found a bag of heart-shaped marshmallows at Aldi (similar ones linked here) because they will lay flat, which is ideal for this project.

To make your gourmet marshmallows, start by setting 12 marshmallows out on wax paper so that you have an outline of your box set up. Next, heat up your candy melts in glass bowls. You can use chocolate melting wafers along with a festive shade like red candy melts (which can be mixed with white ones to create pink if pink melts aren't available) so that you have two different colors to work with.

Once your chocolate is melted and ready to use, dip then decorate each marshmallow before the chocolate starts to harden on your treat. I think the key to decorating is making sure each marshmallow is at least a little different from the rest because the variety in the bunch creates a unique, gourmet look.

To get that variety, I half-dipped some, used several different types of sprinkles, and mixed different toppings combinations with different colors. I used a toothpick in my melts to create an XO on two of the marshmallows – that's a fun way to place a short message in your box of gourmet marshmallows if you're gifting them!

To package my gourmet marshmallows, I repurposed a chocolate box that I already had. I wrapped it with wrapping paper and added some fun decorations, including a to and from message. Be sure to line the bottom of your box with a napkin or something similar before placing your treats inside. If you aren't eating your treats the same day you make them, store them in a sealed container to preserve their freshness.

And here's the finished product! SO cute and taste test approved! They will make the perfect treat for Galentine's Day brunch, Valentine's Day parties, or gifts for your lovers, friends, and haters.

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If you make your own gourmet marshmallows, I would love to see pictures! Tweet me, tag me on Instagram, or post on my Facebook page!

Who will you be giving gourmet marshmallows to this Valentine's Day?