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Disney Wonder | 7 day Alaska Itinerary

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram, you've definitely been seeing a lot of photos from Alaska and the Disney Wonder cruise ship. My family just went on a 7 day Alaska cruise on the Disney Wonder from May 28 through June 4. This was our sixth Disney cruise, but our first time in Alaska. Our ship sailed out of Vancouver, BC where we spent the weekend exploring before boarding on Monday morning.

I've said this before in my post about our cruise on the Disney Dream last summer, but I have to say it again: Disney Cruise Line's quality is unmatched. I literally love everything about sailing with Disney and I have no desire to go with another cruise line. I completely trust Disney and I always feel safe, well taken care of, and comfortable traveling with them.

One thing that was different about this cruise is that we flew to Vancouver (my first time on an airplane!) while we always drove to Port Canaveral in Florida for our previous Disney cruises. I know in Orlando there are magical transportation buses that take guests to and from the airport to the resorts or the cruise ship, but, of course, they don't have this same system in Vancouver because they don't have permanent properties there. When we arrived at the airport in Vancouver two days before our cruise began, a Disney Cruise Line representative was waiting for us and she led us to our driver. He took us to our hotel in a van and gave us information about the city along the way. You can read this post for more details about the time we spent in Vancouver.

On Monday morning, when it was time to board the cruise, we were able to take all of our luggage right across the street to the Port of Vancouver where we went through the check-in process. Fortunately, because I had completed our online check-in very early, we were in the second group to board and, as always, our first stop was the buffet for lunch.

As the boat leaves port, there's always a Sailing Away deck party with the classic characters, fun music, and there's usually half price drinks. This party is always a lot of fun in my opinion, so definitely don't miss it if you're cruising with Disney!

We got to eat at Tiana's Place on our first night, which is one of the three main dinner restaurants on the ship and it's inspired by the Princess and the Frog. This was probably our favorite restaurant and we were lucky enough to have dinner there three times, as well as our final breakfast. We ate at the other two restaurants — Triton's and Animator's Palette — twice during the cruise. Weeks before our trip, my brother had told me that Tiana's Place has beignets with a chocolate espresso sauce. Y'all, I could NOT wait for these beignets. That was probably in the top 5 list of things I was most looking forward to on the trip. Well, we get the menu on the first night and there's no mention of beignets. I was shocked, like where are my beignets?? 

So I was patient, I knew we were eating at Tiana's Place two more times. I could wait. On our last night of the cruise, I got my beignets! They were SO good, they definitely saved the best for last. Well worth the wait. If you happen to be sailing on the Disney Wonder, never fear, just know that the beignets will be on the menu the second time you dine at Tiana's {or the third if you happen to have the Frozen menu on a Tiana's night}.

Speaking of the Frozen menu, there's quite a bit of Frozen on the Alaska cruise. We had a Freezing the Night Away deck party complete with a Let It Go sing-along, a Broadway-style production of Frozen in the Walt Disney Theater {which we saw not one, but two nights in a row}, and everyone on the ship, no matter what restaurant they were in that night, had a Frozen menu. There were also a few more surprises that I won't spoil for anyone who's reading this post while doing research for their own Alaska cruise!

The picture below was taken during the Freezing the Night Away deck party after Elsa made it snow! I was wrapped up in one of the blankets that are available on deck because we were literally freezing the night away! {I know it looks like the middle of the afternoon in this picture, but it was actually 8 p.m! The sun is up for most of the day in Alaska, which really threw me off when we were leaving dinner around 10 p.m. and it was still light outside.}

I probably could have mentioned our itinerary before writing a book about beignets and Frozen, but our schedule was: Sailing Away, Day At Sea, sailing through Endicott Arm, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Day At Sea, and then debarking on Monday morning. I have separate blog posts discussing each port in detail, including our day sailing through Endicott Arm because most of my amazing Instagram photos were taken on that day!

On the ship, you're given a Personal Navigator each night that lists every event taking place the next day, the style of dress for dinner, and a weather forecast so you can plan out your day in advance. On a seven night Disney cruise, you'll typically have a cruise casual dress code for dinner along with a formal night and semi-formal night. You'll find that the Personal Navigator is filled with different fun activities to keep you entertained while on board the ship, from crafts to trivia to newly released movies. I was quite proud of this origami ship I made on our first day at sea.

There are a few lounges on the ship where most of the activities take place — some for families, some for adults, and, of course, there are kids clubs. Jackson and I won a round of Disney trivia and received Disney Cruise Line medals — our trick was that we played on a day in port when we got back on the ship early, we didn't have as much competition as we did on days at sea. Some of the other games we played included a big group version of Family Feud, 2000s music trivia, and bingo. 

In our free time, we also met a lot of our favorite characters. There was a Pixar Pals party one night with friends from Up, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, and Inside Out. They danced in the lobby and they did a few meet and greets at different times. The cruise offers a lot of opportunities for character interaction, including a special ticket event for a VIP character breakfast. It's free, but you have to be sure to reserve a time online as soon as possible when you're completing your online check-in. You can also reserve tickets like these for Frozen and princess meet and greets. If you forget to reserve your tickets for one of these three character events in advance, stop by guest services as soon as you board the ship to check availability.

If you're going on a cruise to Alaska and reading articles online with all kinds of tips and advice, you're probably seeing a lot of people say that you absolutely need a room with a verandah. It seemed like I read this in every single post I came across before we went and I was so worried before we left because we had booked an oceanview room with a porthole. You can see our view in the photo below.

Even though I really wanted a verandah before we left, looking back, I ultimately don't think the additional cost is justified and I was fine with the porthole. We were able to see anything we wanted and we spent most of our time looking from the upper decks or sitting in the bigger portholes around the lounges. I would definitely recommend spending the extra money that you would have spent on a room with a verandah for excursions instead.

Overall, we had an amazing time sailing around Alaska with Disney and you can be on the lookout for details about our port adventures in upcoming posts! I promise, they'll be well-worth the wait. If you've found your way to Mads Maybe because you're planning a Disney cruise to Alaska, feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions you might have!