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Disney Wonder | Endicott Arm

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hi friends! It's time for the second installment of my Disney Alaska cruise series! Be sure to read my first post before joining me as I relive my day spent sailing through one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, Endicott Arm!

Our second day on the Disney Wonder was supposed to have been spent sailing through Tracy Arm, but because of the way the icebergs were moving that day, our captain decided it would be safer/better to sail through Endicott Arm. Either way, we were able to see a glacier from the ship and sail through incredibly gorgeous blue water, so I didn't mind the switch at all.

Our VIP character breakfast was scheduled for the morning of Endicott Arm, so we started our day with that! Here's a selfie Jackson took of us with Mickey Mouse.

We were set to arrive in Endicott Arm around noon so we made our way to the top deck where we could see mountains and trees on either side of the ship. We started to see some icebergs and, as we got closer, even more icebergs, until finally, we could see the glacier ahead.

While we were watching, we waited in lines to meet our favorite characters in their Alaska attire and took photos with them on the top deck of the ship. We really loved the pictures we were able to get during this time because the background is unreal and the characters' special outfits are so cute! 

I could just stand on that deck all day looking at that gorgeous scenery all around the ship — and that's literally what I did! These are definitely my favorite character photos from the trip of all time.

You might have noticed there is one main character missing from this group and that's Donald Duck! Somehow we missed Donald due to a miscommunication and the fact that we left our personal navigator in our stateroom. We did end up meeting Donald in his Alaska outfit later in the lobby though.

Goofy is a man with many outfits, especially while cruising, so he did a quick change for the evening and we were the first family to meet him in his lumberjack outfit! {We were never sure if this meant first family ever or first family on this cruise, but the cast member did tell us that fun fact.}

You'll notice I changed into my Frozen selfie shirt because we were Freezing the Night Away at the Frozen deck party and seeing Frozen in the Walt Disney Theatre before dinner. This was the only night that I wore jeans to dinner, and boy, what a mistake. Definitely unbuttoned them in the formal dining room. Definitely gained five to ten pounds on the high seas.

Not even kidding about unbuttoning my jeans, but in all seriousness, the real reason I tried to avoid wearing jeans to dinner is that cruising gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up and wear your cool outfits that you never really get a chance to wear. I try to take advantage of this on any cruise, even though tons of people took the cruise casual dress code extremely casual most nights.

Back to Endicott Arm, though — One of the many, many perks of going on a Disney cruise is unlimited hot chocolate and unlimited ice cream. While we were sailing around the glacier, Jackson had ice cream while I had hot chocolate. I guess this is a good time to quote Hannah Montana and say we had the best of both worlds!

I'm telling you, this was by far one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and, even though this scenery is stunning in the photos, it was even more amazing in person. I could not believe the color of that water — it's such a pretty blue because the glacier water is melting into that area, which you can see in the photos with the many icebergs floating around that have broken away from the main glacier.

By the way, if you aren't super familiar with glaciers {like I was on this very day!}, the glacier is actually the big section of ice between the mountains that you can see in the photo below, behind my mom and I. A glacier isn't really a free floating iceberg, but it is continuously moving throughout the year — although, at a glacial pace!

When our cruise ship got as close as it could to the glacier, the captain steered the boat around that area so that each side of the ship had plenty of opportunity to get a good look and everyone had the chance to take photos. There were so many different places to see and we spent enough time there that my family was able to get a variety of pictures and also take a look from lower decks.

Oh, and if you think those icebergs look small, here's a photo of the biggest one I saw! If you've ever taken a marketing class, you probably know that 90% of an iceberg is below the surface {just like 90% of business problems} so it's definitely interesting to think about how big some of those icebergs could have been and I'm thankful we had a great crew sailing our ship!

I hope you enjoyed that peek into one of my favorite days ever! Let me know in the comments if you have any fun facts about glaciers or icebergs, or if you learned something new about them by reading this post!