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Disney Wonder | Juneau, Alaska

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'm back on track to tell you all about my Alaska cruise on the Disney Wonder! We've already discussed the first few days of my trip, including a day sailing through Endicott Arm and a stop in Skagway, and today, I'm talking about our most exciting day in Juneau, Alaska!

When we first got off the boat, we had a little bit of time to walk around before our excursion and we saw this cute baby seal in the water! Everyone in my family saw it before me and it seemed like every time I would run over to see, it would disappear into the water. Finally, when we were starting to move on and walk away from the water, I saw it and took a picture of it for proof!

Now, I feel like the seal is one of my main talking points. "What did you do in Alaska?" Well, I saw this seal! *shows picture on my phone* It's just so cute!

Not too long after we started exploring, we were picked up for our excursion and driven to the airport in a van. From there, we went on a helicopter ride to a dog sled camp on the Herbert Glacier. We were able to see the dogs and ride on a sled as they pulled us along on the glacier. It was interesting to see how the guides and camp owners lived in tiny tents all throughout the summer months. We were even more surprised to see that, while we were bundled up in layers and layers of clothes, these guides were in tee shirts.

I took this photo from the helicopter when I first started seeing the tiny camp in the snow down below.

Can you imagine spending months here?! I definitely couldn't and I don't know how these people survive without WiFi, Netflix, and cellphone service. Their tents are on big sleds because the snow shifts and they can't really stay in one spot permanently. They have to adjust their tent's position regularly to make sure it is stable and not leaning to one side or the other.

Let's just talk about how cute this dog is! He was the only one with shoes and I instantly connected with him and he's the only one I felt comfortable petting. The others were kind of wild and jumping around when we made stops, so I kept my distance, but this little red shoe boy was so cute and sweet.

After we had our dog sledding experience, we got back on the helicopter and went further down the glacier, where we landed and walked around the glacier. Along with our pilot, we were the only people in sight and it was so surreal to see nothing but ice all around us.

Our pilot warned us to watch where we stepped along the glacier because there were cracks all along it, some bigger than others. In some of these cracks, you could see a little stream of very clear, pure glacier water flowing. We drank some of this water, basically just to say we drank actual glacier water and, to be honest, it just tasted like water to me.

There were a few waterfalls coming down the mountains around the glacier and you can kind of see patterns of its movement based on what type of vegetation is growing and how far up the mountain it is. The glacier is constantly moving, but it is very slow. You can see all of the deep cracks within it and it makes me wonder what it looked like hundreds of years ago when it was more complete.

I have a video of our adventures in Juneau below — it's a little long so if you don't have 10 minutes to spare, definitely fast forward and check out a little clip of the helicopter, the dog sledding, and exploring the glacier.