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motivational light box quotes

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hi friends! You know I love letter boards and light boxes and really quotes in general {my quotes board on pinterest is always poppin' if you aren't following me yet, I highly recommend it!} so with the new school year coming up, I wanted to share some motivational quotes that fit perfectly on a light box. You can use a light box as a super cute and fun way to decorate your dorm or your bedroom and it will help you keep your daily mantra in mind.

If you don't have a light box yet, you can typically find them in stores like Marshall's, Ross, and TJ Maxx — they're very inexpensive in these stores compared to craft stores. If you're really a light box enthusiast, it's not a bad idea to get two light boxes if you find them on sale so you'll have double the letters and more flexibility in the phrases you can share!

motivational light box quotes:

rise and grind / rise and shine

slay the day

you got this

go for it

own who you are

find your road

why not me

yes you can

follow your heart

be the good

purpose fuels passion

you'll make it

make it happen

keep choosing joy

one of a kind

find your fire

make a move

aspire to inspire

live your dreams

decide to rise

make yourself proud

i can and i will

shine your light

the time is now

My personal favorite is "slay the day" because it's very empowering and motivating for me. Seeing it on my light box every day is actually what inspired me to create this post because I know there are so many fun, short mantras that fit perfectly on a light box, but you can't always find them all in one place. Now, we have a big selection of quotes to choose from to fit our day and provide the motivation we're needing! 

Feel free to share your favorite motivational quotes in the comments and let me know if you're more of a letter board or light box person!