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My Hocus Pocus Birthday Party

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This post was sponsored by Basic Invite, but thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Mads Maybe!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I'm 22 today! 

Welcome to my birthday party! {of course my party is Hocus Pocus themed! What did you expect?!} I'm showing you all the details of my party from invitations to activities to food so you can celebrate with me — I, unfortunately, couldn't figure out how to share my birthday cake through the Internet, though, so maybe it won't be exactly the same experience, but pretty close!

First things first, check out my invitations! My invitations from Basic Invite are soooo gorgeous. They're the perfect combination of elegant and fun — I'm obsessed with the gold foil letters! You all know how much I love Hocus Pocus and since this year is the 25th anniversary of the film, I thought it would be fitting to have a spooky party paying tribute to my favorite movie of all time.

While I was picking out my cards, I perused countless creative birthday invitations and more adult birthday invitations. They have so many fun designs and the possibilities are endless because everything they offer is completely customizable with almost unlimited color options {180+ colors!} and over 40 different colors of envelopes. If you're anything like me, the freedom of being able to create exactly what you're picturing in your mind is so satisfying.

One other thing I love about Basic Invite is that they offer custom samples! They'll send you a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can make sure everything is perfect before placing your final order, which is super beneficial when you're planning a big event. You also don't have to worry about gathering up addresses when it's time to send your invitations out because Basic Invite offers an address capturing service — all you do is share a link on social media to request family and friends' addresses to be stored in your Basic Invite account! If you have an event coming up, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 so be sure to take a look at their options!

I really couldn't pick just one of my favorite sweet treats to serve at my birthday party, so I decided to have a dessert bar! Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are one of my favorite things ever and a little secret about me is that I don't like frosting, so traditional birthday cakes aren't my thing. This year I decided to use my favorite snack {that has one of the few icings that I'll eat on it!} — Fall Party Cakes — to make my birthday cake! I love it and nothing is more fitting for me.

I could not have my party without having s'mores. When it got dark out, we watched Hocus Pocus on our outdoor movie screen and my dad made a fire in our outdoor fire place so we could make s'mores! I love s'mores, probably an unhealthy amount, but it's something that I don't have often so that makes them even more special to me!

It doesn't matter how many times I watch Hocus Pocus, it never gets old to me. It was so fun watching it outside by the fire with my friends and family who also love the movie {only a few of them have complaints about how often it's playing in my house}. With October fast approaching, feel free to use my Hocus Pocus birthday party as inspiration for your Halloween parties!

Besides watching Hocus Pocus, another fun activity we did at my party was play a game my brother created which consisted of trivia about me. That was a lot of fun {for me, at least, can't speak for my guests!} and it was really funny to hear the very specific, strange answers that people actually knew about me. I won't make you guys play at this virtual party! Instead, I'll blow out my candles and bring this party to a close.

Thanks for stopping by my 22nd birthday celebration!