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DIY Caramel Apples | Sweet Treats

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It's fall y'all and that means it's time for some of our favorite fall treats — like caramel apples! I know caramel apples are typically a big hit at the fair and Disney parks, but they can also be just as delicious at home. We experimented with some fun ways to make specialty caramel apples at home this weekend and I'm sharing our tips and ideas with you today.

The Basics

Let's get started with what you'll need! Of course, you'll need apples! Red or green, it's totally up to you. For caramel, we used a pack of individually wrapped caramels that had instructions for how to melt them down for apples on the back. If you get something like this, you'll just unwrap them all and heat them on the stove with 2 tablespoons of water until they've melted down to a liquid consistency.

While your caramel is melting, make sure your apples are washed and then dry them really well so the caramel sticks. It's a good idea to put sticks in your apples so you can hold the stick while you dip the apple in caramel — look for sticks with a sharper end to go in the apple and a smooth end to hold.

You can use all kinds of things for toppings so you should also have a variety of things on hand to decorate your apples. Some ideas are sprinkles, crushed cookies, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, and m&ms. Next we'll talk about different ideas for decorations and flavors.

Fun Flavors

Cookie Inspired

One fun way to top your caramel apples is to grab flavor inspiration from your favorite cookies! Coconut flakes and chocolate chips pair nicely with the caramel, or mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and crushed graham crackers for a s'mores theme.

Candy Covered

Small candies are perfect for caramel apples or you can cut candy bars into small pieces to create fun toppings. m&ms or reese's pieces are great on caramel apples and I'm sure any other candy will work well if you get creative! Gummy bears, anyone? 

Sprinkles & Sweets

Sprinkles will probably be the biggest hit with younger children but there's no denying that they look great in photos! Rainbow sprinkles are all the rage on Instagram and you can also find lots of festive Halloween sprinkles this time of year. We paired Halloween Peeps with our sprinkled apple for some extra fun.

Character Themed

My favorite apple from our set is Mickey Mouse themed! All of the credit for that one goes to my brother — seriously, he's a creative genius. In my opinion, this one is by far the most visually appealing. You could have a lot of fun creating apples that look like your favorite characters. {He used pumpkin shaped marshmallows for the ears.}

I hope you all have lots of fun making delicious caramel apples this fall. Definitely tag me on Instagram or Twitter {@snackqueenmads} with photos or post them on the Mads Maybe Facebook page! I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

What's your favorite caramel apple topping?