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my weekend in snapshots | first fall weekend

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy fall y'all! It's OCTOBER now and it officially feels like fall! I know I was already very festive last week with my Hocus Pocus birthday party post and the real first weekend of fall was technically that weekend, but I'm considering this past weekend the first full weekend that felt like fall! {Someone start counting how many times I've typed fall!} It's kind of cooling off around here – and hopefully where you live, too! – so I've finally been able to start wearing my cute fall outfits with my cozy sweaters. I've been all over Instagram lately with my cozy vibes so I wanted to spend this post sharing some photos and talking about what I did this weekend in case you missed it! If you aren't following me on Instagram yet, my username is @snackqueenmads!

One big change that happened this weekend was I got my hair cut! This may be a significant change if you're new to me, but I had short hair pretty consistently throughout college and I've been letting it grow out this past year. This week though, I decided I wanted to go back to my "classic" cut and that's just what I did. I've added a picture of me from 2014 below so you can check out the throwback before seeing my current photos from the past few days.

This weekend, my brother and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to a new chocolate shop in the downtown area of our hometown. We got frozen hot chocolates and some of their truffles. It was a fun little outing for us — something different and I just wanted to be able to say I've been! I want to give a big shoutout to my brother for constantly being my photographer and rarely getting credit! I definitely wouldn't have any content for Instagram and most of my blog photos if it wasn't for him and my mom. Being my photographer requires a lot of patience and I know it's not the easiest {unpaid} job in the world.

I know I've already told this story in the Instagram caption for the following picture, but since this post is kind of an insta-recap, I'm going to tell it again! My coworker got me these unicorn slippers for my birthday and I just love them! The first thing I said when I opened them was that they're so Insta-worthy and, of course, they were on my Instagram within a week! They are so cute!! I have to admit, this is one of my favorite photos I've shared recently because I love this color scheme and any photos involving my white bed {as you might have noticed}. This picture is my mood for the entire season of autumn.

I just noticed the huge contrast between the photos in this post — they're either brown-based or white-based! This is why I can't have an Instagram theme, you guys! Speaking of Instagram {which is what I've been doing this entire post}, I've been putting a significant amount of time into improving mine and being more interactive in the app. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing a post about what I've learned. I know a lot of people aren't as addicted to Instagram as me, but I also know it's an app that a lot of other people spend tons of time on {like me!}. I've always loved Twitter more than any other social network, but Instagram has really been growing on me lately.

I'll leave you with my most recent Instagram post which can accurately be described as: Me on October 1. Already trick or treating! I'm so excited for fall and binge-watching Hocus Pocus and I'm already planning my own personal TwiFright weekend with the entire Twilight Saga {that I now have on DVD} because Freeform let me down and stopped playing the Twilight movies. I'm counting on the networks that now have the Harry Potter series to come through and play their own version of Freeform's Scary Potter weekend sometime this month! I have a major movie/TV/Netflix obsession. Off screen, I'm excited to take cute fall pictures with pumpkins and eat lots of pumpkin-flavored food and drinks.

What's your favorite thing about fall?