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What I Wore On My Alaska Cruise

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Remember when I went to Alaska? I know, I know, how could you forget? But, just in case you did, I'm listing the links to all of my Alaska-cruise-related posts below! I wanted to give y'all a little break from all of the Alaska content, so it's been a few months since I last discussed it, but I also really wanted to write a dedicated post about what I wore in Alaska, so that post is happening today! Get excited!

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Things to Remember While Packing

When you're packing for Alaska, it's important to remember that you have a limited amount of space {especially with weight restrictions on luggage at the airport} so plan your outfits to mix and match items that you can wear multiple times throughout the trip! I was on a seven day cruise, plus our weekend in Vancouver, and I brought two pairs of jeans. Jeans are something that you can wear during several days {I never wash my jeans after every wear!} so only taking a few pairs is a great way to save space.

It's also important to note that you might want a separate outfit for dinner each night of the cruise, so be sure to pack items that you can mix between day and night looks. Don't forget shoes that go with your dressier clothes and some accessories! 

Don't forget to pack either a small wristlet or even an ID lanyard so you can easily carry your room key around on the ship if you don't have pockets. When you're out exploring cities or on not-super-adventurous excursions, a small cross-body bag is also a good idea. 

The Basics

First I want to talk about everyday wear for days at sea and walking around cities while in port. I planned out my days in advance and took a shirt I wanted to wear for each day depending on where we were and what events we were doing. I took maybe 3 tee shirts and a few sweatshirts. I also packed several pairs of leggings that I could wear with those tops. 

It's a good idea to bring long-sleeve shirts and short-sleeve shirts with cardigans so you can layer your outfits. I also tried to stick with a color scheme to an extent so I had a lot of neutrals {navy, white, black, brown} and it was a little bit easier to mix and match within that and I also felt like it wasn't super noticeable that I was wearing the same things in pictures as something flashy and bright might have been.

For pajamas, I brought what I sleep in at home: a tee shirt and shorts. I also brought one pair of pajama pants just in case I was really cold at night, but I usually find sleeping in pants uncomfortable, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ended up never wearing the pajama pants, but there were a few nights when I missed my extra blankets at home. 


On days at sea, I would either wear my Adidas sneakers {with socks} or a pair of TOMS {without socks} and I found both of those to be good choices for me because that's something I'm comfortable wearing on a daily basis. Definitely pack your comfort shoes for your time on the ship — TOMS without socks were okay for me in terms of the weather, but I would not recommend sandals or flip-flops for your everyday wear. Be sure to bring enough pairs of socks for every day of your trip, plus extras.

For excursions and exploring on land, I brought my pair of L.L. Bean boots. I never had any problem with those. I wear higher socks with them so I made sure to bring enough pairs of those for every day we would be getting off the ship. You might have noticed that I had on black boots in the first image in the snow — these were actually on over my bean boots, they were provided to us during the excursion for walking in the snow.

I did take a pair of open-toed low-heel shoes, but I only wore those to dinner, so maybe three hours per night and I rarely went outside in them. I would recommend bringing one staple pair of fancier shoes that you really love and can wear to dinner most nights. 

Dinner Attire

I know on my cruise, a lot of people didn't really dress up for dinner, so you have options here, but I did try to dress up a little. Your cruise will likely have a formal night and maybe a semi-formal night as well, so be sure to research that in advance and participate in those nights. Most nights will be cruise casual and I noticed a lot of people wore jeans and sweaters. 

I took a few jumpsuits, navy dress pants, and some Mickey jeans I have that are pictured below. I actually brought a short dress for one night, but I was freezing and uncomfortable in it. I strongly suggest not bringing dresses and sticking with pants. For formal nights, go for a dressy jumpsuit!

To be honest, one of my favorite outfits for dinner for both comfort and appearance was the one I created with my navy dress pants that I typically wear to work. They are really comfortable and high waisted so I tucked in a white tee shirt and wore a navy cardigan and I just feel like it was a power suit. I highly recommend finding a nice pair of dress pants with an elastic waist if you're going on a cruise to Alaska.

Outerwear + Excursions

It's no secret that it's cold in Alaska! Jackets are a really great idea and I took several. If you're going in the snow, you'll want to have a really warm, waterproof jacket but also try to find one that's light so you can easily pack it and take it off if you get hot {which can happen, even in the middle of a snowy glacier!}. You should also bring a rain jacket because it rains a lot in Alaska and you'll probably want a hood. Finally, I also took my NorthFace jacket kind of last minute so I had it on the plane going and coming — a thin jacket for traveling is also something to consider! 

You'll also want to take a solid pair of sunglasses that you'll want to wear every day. If you're in the snow, the glare can be pretty intense and sunglasses are a necessity. I know some people take polarized sunglasses to Alaska, but I didn't. I just took my favorite pair that go with everything.

Another thing you'll want to bring is fleece leggings to go under your clothes. I wore these under my jeans and sweatpants when I was getting off the ship. Sometimes I actually got a little hot but it wasn't unbearable and I think it's better to have them just in case than to not. If you're going out in the snow on a glacier excursion etc. be sure to bring one pair of thick socks to keep your feet from getting super cold on the ice. Water-resistant boots are a much better idea than something fur-lined, so those aren't always as warm.

Finally, there are some excursions that are much more active than anything I did. If you're going on these, you should plan outfits with layers — maybe capris and possibly even shorts, depending on what you're doing! — because it can definitely get warmer out than you'd expect in Alaska. Be sure to do thorough research about what's recommended for your excursions. Oh, and if you think you might want to get in the pools or hot tubs on board the ship, don't forget a swimsuit!