How to Plan for the Holiday Season

by - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

If you're anything like me, you have so much you want to do for the holidays — recipes, crafts, Instagram photo ideas, gifts to buy! — but not enough time! The key to conquering all of this is to plan, plan, plan! It's November 13 and I've already started writing my December blog posts, making gift lists, and taking Christmas-themed photos for future content. I honestly have to start now {probably should've started even earlier} or else, I won't get all of my ideas done! Today, I'm talking about how I plan and prepare for the holiday season with my tips for staying on top of things.

P.S. If you're interested in starting the holiday season with a cool iPhone wallpaper like mine, check out this post from last December!

Start with Black Friday

This is a great time to start shopping for gifts because there are so many good sales! You definitely want to plan your Black Friday shopping by writing out a list of what you want and what stores have the best deal on it. It's also important to start coming up with ideas for the people on your list so you know what you're looking for on Black Friday. Starting your shopping early can help you check off your lists before December even begins!

Use Your Notes App

You know from my planning post that I love using the Notes App on my iPhone to make lists and store ideas! It's definitely a great tool for planning during the holidays, as well. You can make a list to store your gift ideas and keep track of what you've already gotten for people and who you still need to get a gift for. You can also keep up with your budget here by totaling what you've spent and how you're planning to break up the remaining amount.

Organize your Pinterest Boards!

I have so many Pinterest boards for storing my Christmas ideas, especially now that they have a sections feature. I have winter sections within my recipes board, my holidays board, and my Insta Inspo board. Pinterest is a great way to keep up with ideas you want to try during the holiday season and you can also utilize one of my favorite tools — secret boards! I love to use secret boards to save ideas for DIY gifts and other surprises. 

Don't Forget your Planner

Your planner and calendar are a great way to keep in mind how many more weeks are left until Christmas. You can use your planner to write out what you need to do each week to prepare and stay on top of things. You can also be sure to write down upcoming events in your planner and keep in mind the dates you need certain gifts by or themed parties that might require you to bring or wear something special, like ugly Christmas sweater parties and fun gift exchange games!

Save Time for Holiday Movies

There are so many new movies coming out on TV, Netflix, and in theaters this holiday season! Plan out time to watch some of these and take some time to relax during this busy season. You can write down the dates and times that your favorites are coming on TV and make a date with your friends to see new ones in theaters. I recommend the Nutcracker and the Four Realms and I also want to see the new Grinch movie as well as the Princess Switch on Netflix {which stars Vanessa Hudgens and starts streaming this Friday, November 16!}. 

Keep your Christmas Cards in Mind

If you send out Christmas cards, make sure you get those ready soon so that's one less thing you have to worry about during the month of December. Start gathering addresses and coming up with a plan for your Christmas card — if you're doing a family photo, be sure to think about the coordination of outfits, a location for the photo, and who will be taking it. If you get them done early, you can send them out at the beginning of December and mark that off your list!

How do you prepare for the holiday season?

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