DIY Holiday Cards

by - Sunday, December 02, 2018

It's time for a DIY! I had so much fun making my DIY holiday cards and I know y'all will, too! I made some Christmas cards for my coworkers using card stock paper, a glue stick, a few pieces of ribbon, googly eyes, and my Cricut machine. You can definitely make cards without a Cricut machine, it's just a huge help for cutting pieces out, especially detailed pieces.

I thought these cards were so fun because they're unique to each individual person, but they all have a similar theme. I created five identical cards by folding green sheets of card stock in half. You can actually cut your paper into a smaller card with detailed edges using a Cricut machine, but I took the easy way because I wanted the maximum amount of space for the designs.

I cut out five identical snowmen shapes and glued those front and center on each card. After that, I thought of different accessories for each snowman that would represent the person who would be receiving the card. I really enjoyed this — it gave me an opportunity to get creative and think of different ways to use my materials. I used a lot of scrap pieces of paper that I had and even some paint chips to create the accessories. I did a few snowmen with scarves and I used pieces of ribbon to create that look. The possibilities are endless and you can use all sorts of things you have in your craft supplies. I noticed that paper was the easiest material to work with though, because it attached nicely with the glue stick.

Some of the smaller, thin pieces definitely require patience to work with and the more detail you put into each card, obviously, the more time it will take to complete, but overall, it's worth it to create something unique and memorable. 

When you're looking for images to create your accessories with a Cricut, free clipart is great! Google different basic images and you'll quickly figure out what type of image is ideal for cutting out — solid colors without a lot of detail or small lines. You can also design shapes yourself, draw them and scan them into Cricut's Design Space, or search their library for free images. Plus, you can hand-cut many items and utilize different materials {like sequins, buttons, or pom-poms!} for decor. Just be mindful about the weight of the items you're putting on, so the front of the card isn't weighing it down too much. I tried to keep mine balanced enough that they could stand upright.

Lastly, I added some googly eyes to my snowmen to give them a little extra personality. I'm not sure if everyone keeps googly eyes on hand, but you could also use sequins for eyes or draw them on with a marker.

Making your own holiday cards adds the perfect personal touch and it's really great when you can customize them for each recipient. I think it would be a lot of fun to make accessorized snowmen cards like mine for a family party and have each guest guess which one is theirs based on the items.

If you DIY some holiday cards, send me pictures! Tweet me, tag me on Instagram, or post them on the Mads Maybe Facebook page!

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