February Snack Reviews

by - Tuesday, February 26, 2019

It's time to talk about my favorite thing — fun snacks! I've tried so many cool, unique, and new snacks over the past few weeks so I wanted to share those with y'all and tell you my thoughts and whether or not I recommend trying them. I'll be posting a Girl Scout cookie taste test sometime soon, but today I'm talking about five things: Mickey Bars that are now available in select grocery stores, Toy Story 4 ice cream, McDonald's donut sticks, Hardee's Froot Loop mini donuts {because those are back in stores this week!}, and McDonald's Bacon Cheese Fries.

Mickey Bars

My favorite thing this month has been Mickey Bars! I love that these are available all over the country now and not just in Disney parks. They aren't exactly the same, but definitely close enough. I thought these were really delicious and really cute. They're 100% worth getting, especially if you're a Disney fan. I know they can be really difficult to find right now, I got mine at Publix and they're also available in some Targets... I'm hoping they become more widely available and stay in stores for a while.

Toy Story 4 Ice Cream

We were so excited to finally see these in stores! You can find these in the Edy's / Dreyer's ice cream section. I got mine at Food Lion, so I think these should be a little easier to find than Mickey Bars. I definitely enjoyed these and I'm leaning towards the chocolate and peanut butter one as my favorite because I love chocolate ice cream and it has little chocolate pieces shaped like characters from the series inside. My favorite thing about these though is that they're light ice cream, 1/3 less calories and 1/2 the fat of regular ice cream! I recommend giving both of these a try or at least the flavor that appeals to you most.

McDonald's Donut Sticks

I can't get over how much these look like chicken tenders in this picture! I was very surprised to see that McDonald's doesn't have specific packaging for their new menu item, donut sticks. They weren't very donut-like to me. They weren't bad... they're basically fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar. I just didn't really think they had much that made them special and I personally wouldn't order them again. I don't recommend getting them.

Hardee's Froot Loop Mini Donuts

Disclaimer: I tried these when they were first introduced last summer/fall, but I just saw that they're back in stores so I thought I would mention them! In comparison with McDonald's donut sticks, I love these. They're super cute, they have great packaging, and they taste good! They actually do taste like Froot Loops. I would get these again and if you like sweets, I encourage you to try them!

And the winner of the fast food donut showdown is... Hardee's!

McDonald's Bacon Cheese Fries

I was already biased against these because I'm not a huge fan of bacon OR cheese, but I think this picture gives you a good idea of what they're like. The cheese is like nacho cheese and the bacon is kind of unappealing in my opinion. I eat bacon cheese fries from some restaurants, but I wouldn't get these. McDonald's fries are so much better on their own! I don't personally recommend these, but I'll let you decide your thoughts on that photo!

Have you tried any cool snacks recently?

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