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Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispies | Sweet Treats

Thursday, June 27, 2019

In celebration of the 4th of July next week, I made these easy red, white, and blue rice krispy treats! They only require 3 ingredients: butter, these red, white, and blue marshmallows, rice krispies cereal, and one optional thing: red, blue, and/or white m&ms! No food coloring required. You can make them in less than 20 minutes and everyone will be so amazed by them at your Independence Day party.

The hardest part of making these might be finding the marshmallows. I had these last year so I knew they existed, but I had no idea they would be so hard to find again! We ended up finding them at a Walmart, although they weren't at our local Walmart. I haven't been able to find them online to link, but if you click the link for them in the paragraph above, there's a convenient store locator that I just found out about while writing this post that would have been really helpful a few weeks ago when I was on the hunt for the marshmallows.

When you have your supplies, the first thing I did was separate the marshmallows into three different bowls: red, white, and blue. If you're making a big batch, I would recommend getting two bags of marshmallows, but I made 9 square treats with mine and still had some marshmallows left over. 

Once you have your marshmallows separated, follow the instructions on the side of your Rice Krispies box. {If you don't have it for some reason, it's also on their website.} You'll have to follow the recipe three times though, using three different pots, one for each color marshmallow. I used around 1.5 cups of cereal in each pot and one tablespoon of butter, which made 9 bars in a 8x8 square dish.

Make sure you are prepared to move quickly once you start so nothing burns or hardens up too quickly since you'll have three batches going at once. Have your pan sprayed in advance so you can transfer each color over, layering them as you go. I went with red on the bottom, white in the middle, and blue on top. If you have time and don't forget like me, you can add m&ms between layers or you can just use your m&ms to decorate the top. I also used a few of the leftover marshmallows for additional decoration.

These treats are so simple and only require a little bit more work than if you were making regular rice krispy treats. They're great for parties and photos during Fourth of July weekend!

If you make these, be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter @snackqueenmads or post a photo on the Mads Maybe Facebook page! I would love to see your pictures!