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Hocus Pocus Birthday Party | Soup and Witches

Thursday, October 3, 2019

No, you're not having déjà vu. I had a Hocus Pocus birthday party last year and this year! You might remember reading the post, but if not, I'll link it again at the end of this post so you can compare the two and get ideas for your fall parties from both! We really stepped up our game this year and I'm so thrilled with how all of our DIY projects turned out. 

Our meal theme was soup and witches {that's so Sanderson!} because this is a fun fall combo and it's good for large groups of people. We made chili, big bird {chicken and rice} soup, and tomato soup, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches. I tried to mix in as many Hocus Pocus references as possible so I labeled the oyster crackers "dead man's toes." The grilled cheese sandwiches also reminded me of one of Winifred's best quotes: "You know, I've always wanted a child and now I think I'll have one... ON TOAST!" 

There are tons of fun desserts that you can easily give a Hocus Pocus twist. We made Winifred's spell book brownies — my sign for those said "BOOOOOOOK! Come home or make thyself known." We simply made box-mix brownies, cut them into rectangles, and added a few book details with canned frosting and an eye candy. 

We easily transformed store bought cupcakes by adding Sanderson hair. We used candy melts to create the design of each sister's hair on waxed paper the day before the party and let them set in the refrigerator overnight. Before the party, we just placed them into the frosting of the cupcakes.

Finally, my mom made a pumpkin chocolate chip cake for my birthday cake. If you'll remember a fun fact about me, I HATE frosting so this cake was perfect for me! Luckily, we could still make it seriously Sanderson by adding these adorable toppers that my coworker made with her Cricut and small wooden sticks. These gave me major heart eyes!

We added a few extras to our dessert table including candy corn and black licorice sticks a.k.a. MY LUCKY RAT TAIL! One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the Sanderson sisters are brought back to life and Sarah immediately goes over and grabs her lucky rat tail from the ceiling beams. I placed this rubber rat in a dish with some confetti by the "rat tails" and I loved how this looked — even though I hate the taste of licorice! 

I added a little Hocus Pocus fun to the drink table as well. One of my other favorite scenes in the movie is when Max turns the sprinklers on and the sisters think it's the burning rain of death. Eventually Winifred realizes "you fools! tis water!"

Our decorations were wonderfully witchy and our favorite black cat, Thackery Binx, made an appearance. We used fishing line to hang floating witch hats from the edge of the porch. 

I guess it goes without saying, my Hocus Pocus obsession is still going strong! I'm so happy I was able to incorporate my love for this movie into my birthday celebrations and received some amazing Hocus Pocus gifts.

If you incorporate Hocus Pocus into any of your fall festivities, be sure to tag me so I can see! I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also save any of these ideas from my Pinterest boards so you'll have them for future reference! 

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