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Girl Scout Cookie Taste Test

Sunday, January 12, 2020

I tried all of the Girl Scout cookies flavors so you won't have to!

Just kidding, you know I always preface any food reviews with a statement about how picky I am – just because I don't like something, doesn't mean you won't!

Since it's Girl Scout cookie season, I tried every flavor I could get my hands on and decided to do a little review post and let you know my thoughts on each. In the end, there's one flavor that reigns supreme – read through to find out which one that is at the bottom of this post...


I am not huge on lemon flavored foods, so it's no surprise that lemonades ranked the lowest on my list. These are cookies dipped in a thin coating of lemon icing. It had an artificial taste in my opinion, but I can definitely see that it's lemonade flavored. It's not something that I would personally want to eat, but if you like lemon and tangy tastes, maybe you should give these a try!


*Huge disclaimer: I tried the chocolate covered S'mores cookies (ABC Bakers). There is a completely different S'mores (Little Brownie Bakers) in other areas that looks really good!*

2021 UPDATE: I finally tried the OTHER S'mores (sandwich cookies) and they are AMAZING! 1000% tied with my favorite Girl Scout cookies below. 

The chocolate covered S'mores cookies were a huge disappointment to me. I never thought I would be ranking anything S'mores flavored this low on a list. They were essentially a graham cracker covered in chocolate. I don't know, the chocolate seemed low quality to me, and this is coming from someone who thinks Hershey's is the best chocolate money can buy.

Thin Mints®

Thin Mints are a chocolate cookie with a taste of mint. I'm sure this will be a controversial item on the list, but mint is also not my absolute favorite flavor. I can eat these, but I wouldn't pick them out for myself. However, they do remind me of Olive Garden mints!

Peanut Butter Patties® / Tagalongs®

These cookies are what happens when a Reese's cup meets a cookie. If you love peanut butter and Reese's in particular, you should definitely try these! I like peanut butter, but I'm not a self-proclaimed fan or anything, so these also wouldn't be the ones I picked out if I were getting one box, but they definitely aren't bad.

Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies / Do-si-dos®

Okay, these are super peanut-buttery. You will definitely have peanut butter stuck in your teeth after eating them. I found them very similar to a Lance peanut butter cracker. A top choice for peanut butter fans.


I definitely love these and I immediately thought how perfect they are if you need to give out a thank you gift or favors for something. See the bottom of this post for a photo example, but these cookies have "thank you" written on them in various formats. Not only that, but they're pretty good. They remind me of Keebler cookies and I think they're one of the most "people-pleasing" ones because they're something that pretty much anyone would be okay with eating. Definitely one of the more traditional cookie choices.

Shortbread / Trefoils®

I love these. I could eat the whole box and I don't think I can say that about any of the cookies listed above. They taste like animal crackers to me. They're just simple, small, and good.

And now for the ultimate Girl Scout cookie....

Caramel deLites® / Samoas®

Delicious. The best by a mile. I would've been better off buying 8 boxes of these than 8 different varieties. So many flavors in this cookie – caramel, coconut, chocolate – make it the perfect combination. Do yourself a favor and buy a box of these this Girl Scout cookies season.

Thanks for reading this post! 😉 Let me know in the comments what your favorite Girl Scout cookies are!