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Chicago Travel Diary

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Last week, I was in Chicago briefly for work and I had a few hours to explore the city with two other great marketing gals. I posted quite a bit on Instagram stories + in-feed posts, but I wanted to do a quick blog post detailing how I saw as much as I did within such a short period of time. If you aren't following me on Instagram yet, my username is @snackqueenmads – be sure to follow so you can keep up with my adventures in real time!

Not gonna lie, we started our Chicago adventure at the Gucci store. This is super random and so not typical me, but I had my eye on one of the purses in the Gucci x Disney collaboration that recently came out so I decided if it was at the store, I would get it and if it wasn't, then it wasn't meant to be. It turns out it was probably the only thing from that collection that was not in the store, so the universe was telling me to save that money. 

After our disappointing stop at the Gucci store, we walked along the street and found the Disney store! Of course, we went in. I ended up not getting anything in the Disney store either because it was basically the same stuff in the Disney store closest to me, apart from their Chicago collection and, honestly, I had no interest in merchandise for a city I was spending a few days in.

After the Disney store, we were super hungry so we went to lunch at Giordano's. We decided on this restaurant because we wanted some deep dish pizza since we were in Chicago – there were two pizza places within eyesight and this one had the best online rating. It turns out it was a really great decision. The food was good, they had a very reasonably priced lunch deal, and I thought the pizza shop had a great aesthetic.


If you know me, you know I am kind of a Starbucks addict so the next portion of this story won't surprise you one bit. Weeks before my trip, I found out Starbucks had released an oat milk latte exclusively in the midwest so naturally I was so excited to try it when I visited the midwest. As we continued walking the street after lunch, I spotted a 4-story Starbucks Reserve that looked super cool so we went in. 

It was super cool to visit and I am glad we stopped in, however, when I asked if they had the oat milk latte, they informed me it was not at that location, only neighborhood {basic} Starbucks. Fortunately, there is a Starbucks on basically every street in Chicago so we found one literally steps away and I was able to try the oat milk latte! Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as good as I was expecting and kind of a disappointment – but I am still glad I was able to try it! It also made for a great prop in my photos. 

After I got my Starbucks, we continued on our walking journey and I was able to take some cute pictures at one of the bridges over the river. This is definitely an Instagram spot in Chicago because our pictures turned out amazing here. {P.S. shoutout to Marissa for taking all of my photos on her phone because my ancient iPhone 6s Plus decided to be an embarrassment and freeze up}. 

After crossing the bridge, we walked a short distance to the Chicago Theater because I really wanted a photo with the sign out front. This is another iconic Instagram spot but I would probably recommend getting it from across the street because it was very hard to fit both a person and the sign in the picture, especially if you crop your photos into squares for Instagram like me.

After these photos, we made our way to the last stop on our journey – Cloud Gate / the bean! I'm not exactly sure what its purpose is or the story behind it, but the bean is an iconic landmark in Chicago and I am super excited with how my photos turned out by it. We were lucky enough to not have huge crowds around, probably because it was a Monday with temperatures in the low 30s. 

We ended up doing all of this in around 3 hours {which includes an hour lunch break} while walking the whole time from the Gucci Store to Cloud Gate. It's definitely not a bad walk, even in absolutely freezing temperatures! I highly recommend visiting these stops if you're in Chicago for a short period of time.

My outfit details from this day: Belk Blush & Bloom pink animal print sweater, Gap legging jeans, Target silver jacket, L.L. Bean boots, Coco + Carmen purse, and Kate Spade owl ear muffs.