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How I Edited This Photo + How to Get Featured On My Instagram Story!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Hi friends! This week, I thought it would be fun to share how I edited one of my more creative Instagram photos. It is very different from my typical editing style and was the result of a few hours of experimenting. Right now, you might have more time on your hands to try new things and getting creative with photos can be a lot of fun!

First, I took my photo and I had no intentions of editing it like this, but when I previewed it in my feed, it just didn't fit! Because of the props, this was definitely not a photo I could easily reshoot, so I started brainstorming creative ways to better match my theme.

I initially tried adding some fun GIFs in Instagram stories and then took a screenshot of that photo to get a still image. I liked the vibe but it still didn't flow well with my previous photos. I use the Preview app {free} to see how a photo will look in my feed before posting, BTW!

I then added a few color elements using the app, A Design Kit {free}. I really loved the elements in this one, but I still felt like I could do better. {This is a different photo from the shoot, I tried using both to see if there was one that I preferred more!}

After speaking with Melissa at Elephant on the Road {one of my bloggers besties!}, she encouraged me to try out PicsArt {free - you can press "skip" at the top to avoid creating an account and then decline the paid membership}. I know it's a very popular editing app, but I have never used it and had no idea how to use it. I watched a quick YouTube video on how to remove / change the background of a photo and made an attempt.

First, I created an image with my original color scheme in A Design Kit to use as the background of my photo. It was completely random, just shapes I added to fill all the white space using the colors I had previously picked out in my earlier edit.

I saved the background image to my phone and opened it in PicsArt.

I then selected "Add Photo" on the menu at the bottom of the screen. Once my second photo was added, I selected the "Free Crop" tool. I honestly spent around two hours experimenting with this because it was my first time using it and I kept wanting to make minor improvements. I found that using the auto crop for "person" was the best option for me and then cleaning up the edges.

Make sure you have the edges as clean as you can get them — it's impossible to get it perfect, but make sure there aren't any spots that will bother you because once you've finalized it, as far as I could tell, you can't make edits so I redid the entire crop a few times and it's pretty tedious work.

After I was happy with my background removal, I placed my cropped second photo in the center of my background photo. I then added some stickers within the PicsArt app. Adding stickers was also a great way to cover up a few blemishes from the edges that weren't exactly perfect. There were a few images from my original IG story edit that I couldn't duplicate with what PicsArt had to offer. I left a few gaps and saved the image that I had created.

I then opened the edited image up in Instagram stories and added a few of those original GIFs that I had loved in my first round of editing. I added some GIFs until I was very happy with the look of the photo and I took a screenshot. Taking a screenshot within Instagram stories is a little tricky — I noticed that when I took the screenshot on my iPhone 6S Plus, the quality went down so much, I wouldn't have posted the picture. However, when I took the screenshot within stories on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I couldn't see any reduction of quality. After taking the screenshot, I cropped the photo into a square and then it was ready to post on Instagram!

I know that was a pretty intricate editing process, but I think with practice, you could definitely condense that down and go through the process fairly quickly. For me personally, I definitely wouldn't add all of those elements to every photo I post, so I don't mind going through additional work every now and then to create something fun! I originally just wanted to change the background of this photo to be a better fit for my current theme, but it turned into something so creative and fun.

One more thing I wanted to mention is that I've created an Instagram hashtag and want to share your photos! Tag anything that has Mads Maybe vibes — snack queen content, creations inspired by my blog, remakes of photos I've posted, etc — with #MakeItLikeMads and every Friday, I'll share some of the photos on my Instagram story.

Can't wait to see what you all create + share!