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Mads Maybe Ultimate Guide to Christmas Movies

Thursday, December 3, 2020

While making my monthly updates to my watch lists, I decided I didn't want to add in a whole section for Christmas movies on each list only to remove it all next month. Instead, I wanted to create the Mads Maybe Ultimate Guide to Christmas Movies so I can update the list year after year and never have to delete it.

I love my watch lists and the Mads Maybe Ultimate Guide to Halloween on Disney+ seemed to be a hit with y'all, so what the heck! Let's make a guide to Christmas on our favorite streaming services {aka the only streaming services I have}... 


The Princess Switch // This movie is super popular and stars Vanessa Hudgens. Definitely a cute Christmas romance! 

The Princess Switch: Switched Again // The sequel maybe wasn't quite as well-received but still worth a watch. 

A Christmas Prince // Another very popular film when it first came out, A Christmas Prince is a cute Christmas love story to rival Hallmark Channel. 

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding // Of course, you'll want to watch the sequel...

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby // .... and the third film in the saga.

Dash & Lily // Okay, this is actually a series of 8 episodes but you can easily watch it one night so I'm including it and it's probably the best option available in the Netflix section if we're being honest. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas // I guess some people don't enjoy Jim Carrey's version of the Grinch but I love it? So funny, so quotable, so relatable. It's a must watch every year.

Holiday in the Wild // If you love Rob Lowe, it's a must watch. It's also kind of a unique twist on the typical Christmas love story because it's set in an African safari setting so it's a nice break from Christmas Town, USA.

Operation Christmas Drop // If you're in the mood for the Christmas hate turned love story vibe, this is a good one. A little cheesy, but that's to be expected.

Klaus // This one is animated and honestly different than any Christmas I've seen, but so unique and memorable. 

The Christmas Chronicles // Such a cute, fun Christmas movie! Perfect for families or anyone really.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 // Again, it's hard to top the original but we love a double feature.


Sorry y'all, I have to get caught up with Hulu! I haven't watched any Christmas movies on there yet!


Noelle // If you didn't watch this when it was brand new last year, definitely watch it this year! It stars Anna Kendrick and is an interesting story.

I'll Be Home for Christmas // We love a DCOM! If you want Christmas combined with 90s nostalgia, this is your movie.

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special // Not for you if you don't like Star Wars. If you do watch Star Wars movies and the Mandalorian, this is for you! 

The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3 // I think this might be the first time all of the Santa Clause movies have been available in the same place? Don't quote me on that but it definitely makes movie marathons easier.

Home Alone 1 and 2 // Christmas classics.

The Ultimate Christmas Present // Another great DCOM option! 

Honorary Mentions for Disney Channel Christmas Episodes

Lizzie McGuire: Season 2, Episode 20 

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Season 1, Episode 21 

That's So Raven: Season 1, Episode 19 

Hannah Montana: Season 3, Episode 5 

Hannah Montana Season 4, Episode 5