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Semi-Homemade Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 4, 2021

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Hey friends! I've been posting some Valentine's content on Instagram and wanted to share with y'all some of the tips and tricks I've discovered and created along the way. These might be helpful for your own social media content or for creating fun surprises for your loved ones!

Pink Milk

Who knew strawberry milk was nearly impossible to find? Not me until I had the genius idea to incorporate strawberry milk into one of my posts. I ended up using strawberry milk in two different posts and used two different methods for creating it! 
First up, in my breakfast in bed photo, I used oat milk with Hershey's strawberry syrup mixed in. This method created a bright and bold pink and yes, it was tasty! 

Secondly, I found a single serve bottle of strawberry Nesquik in one grocery store and used this in my heart shaped brownies posts. This one was a pale pink and also tasty.

Both pink milk methods were a success and totally great options, the main differences being the shade of pink and availability in stores. 

My additional trick for a super cute pink milk moment is to save those bottled coffees you buy (think bottled Starbucks Frappuccino — mine was an Aldi version of this), remove the labels, and wash them really well. Add in a fun straw and you have a super cute, festive milk! 

Heart Shaped Pink Waffles

While this one may not be a huge hack because it is extremely dependent on the Dash heart-shaped mini waffle maker, it is definitely a fun way to make Valentine's extra festive. The Dash mini waffle maker is selling out like crazy at Target but fingers crossed you can find it in a store near you. 

So I originally planned to make a cute ombré pink waffle tray with each waffle gradually getting pinker, but fun fact, the waffles turn kinda brown in the waffle maker. The color really didn't stand out until I had put quite a few drops of food coloring in. I think I ended up doing around 7 drops for the waffles that actually made it into the photo. 

Valentine's Day Sweets Board

I guess you can say this is charcuterie inspired, though there is absolutely no meat involved. I love the idea of a charcuterie board but without all the meat and cheese so mine is sweets board. We made a Trader Joe's run recently and picked up several Valentine's themed sweets so I put together this board for a quick and easy dessert that looks like it required a lot of effort.

The staples used from Trader Joe's: their For the Love of Chocolate mousse cake, mini Heart Cookies, and Gummy X's and O's. We thought the cake was delicious, cookies were good, and the gummy candy, I probably could do without in terms of texture and taste, but they are great for the aesthetic. They also have heart shaped macarons but they were sold out when we went! Be on the lookout for those.

To fill the board, I also added conversation hearts and Hershey kisses. If you're making a big board and looking for larger items, I also recommend adding in donuts from Dunkin' — all of their filled donuts are heart shaped right now! Also, if you're adding fruits and cookies, don't forget to make a batch of our Little Debbie Valentine's dip to add onto the board.

Simple Decorations

Dollar Tree has heart shaped balloons in packs that are so perfect for simple decorations. We filled ours with air, not helium, and set up a solid white backdrop which I taped balloons onto for a fun photoshoot that you'll be seeing on Instagram soon. Okay, I'll give you a quick sneak peek since you're here! 

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