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Summer Drinks You Need to Try

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Today, I'm giving you the scoop on which drinks you should try this summer if you're looking for something fun and new! We're talking Starbucks, Dunkin, and DIY at home! And, yes, I'll also spill the tea on which drinks you probably should avoid. 

+ If you're looking for something fruity and refreshing

I highly recommend getting the Starbucks pink drink or the violet drink with sweet cream cold foam on top! It's actually so delicious and honestly worth the $1 upcharge, which a lot of times I can't justify. It's not an everyday drink, but it is a delicious treat if you're not in the mood for coffee. 

If you're stopping by Dunkin', then I suggest trying the lemonade! It's only $1.49 for a medium so definitely a great price point to give it a try. My only question or concern is that I'm not sure that it's sweetened unless you choose a sweetener! I ordered it in the app without making any customizations (aka did not choose a sweetener) and it was a little tart but still good! Definitely recommend checking that setting if you're completing a mobile order. 
I feel like I very rarely give something an absolute no – I usually encourage y'all to try things even if I personally did not like it, however, I have to give the Dunkin' coconut milk refreshers a full stop hard no. I thought they would be like the Starbucks drinks I mentioned above, but they are not at all similar. They have a very artificial, unpleasant taste and I want y'all to save your money when it comes to these! For this reason, I also have not tried and cannot recommend the flavored lemonades because the flavors are going to be the same as what is used to make these drinks.

+ If you're looking for something sweet and indulgent

This one has been controversial online and yes, I'm bitter that it replaced S'mores, but I have to say you should give the Starbucks Funnel Cake Frappuccino a chance — with one caveat. I recommend getting the coffee based Frappuccino with no strawberry puree. I get that it's marketed as a Strawberry Funnel Cake Frap but those flavors did not really mix well in my opinion and the funnel cake on it's own is such a fun sweet treat! I also personally opt out on the funnel cake crumbles because they did not have a good taste to me, but that's totally up to you! 

I've been trying a lower calorie drink at Dunkin' lately but we're talking indulgence here so I would suggest getting the Cold Brew with Cold Foam and adding cream and a French Vanilla swirl. It's so sweet and yummy but definitely on the higher calorie side. My lower calorie option is using oat milk and vanilla and coconut flavor shots. The flavor shots have about 10 calories each while flavor swirls add 100+ calories to the drink. 

Also, I've been making cold brew at home with a Walmart brand cold brew concentrate and it's definitely a Starbucks vibe without the Starbucks price and also without having to leave the house which is a big perk for me. Here are the items I've been loving for my at-home barista skills: Cold Brew, Oat Milk, Skinny Syrups, Reddi Wip Sweet Foam, and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.

I do a chocolate drizzle in the cup, add ice, add my oat milk and some syrup, and then pour my cold brew. I don't use the sweet foam every time but it is a fun treat and the exact same product that Dunkin' uses for their cold foam. I found mine at Lowe's Foods. I have a "make coffee with me" post on Instagram Reels and Pinterest if you're looking for visuals! 

+ If you're looking for something Instagrammable 

Walmart has the cutest little fish bowl cups with straw and lid so we had to make a fish bowl inspired drink! I shared an Instagram Reel on it, but we essentially covered the bottom of the cup with rainbow Nerds, added ice, Sprite, and blue Powerade, and a few Swedish fish. It doesn't take long for it to turn swampy, but definitely cute for photos and you can perfect the recipe to your taste. If you're really wanting a yummy drink, I would probably recommend skipping the nerds! 

As I mentioned in my last post about smoothies, I love making smoothies at home lately and I feel like layered smoothies are top notch for Instagram content! The trick is to make them super thick so they don't run together (like my Memorial Day one!) and I have tons of smoothie content on my Pinterest if you need inspiration. 

Honestly, I've learned that you can't count on chains to make the most "Instagram worthy" drinks, so making them at home will be your best bet for this category! That being said, I think the Starbucks drinks that have strawberry puree blended into the cold foam are super cute and totally fun for Instagram, I just hate that you can't order that within the app! 

What's your go to summer fun drink?